Emanuel wins with 55% of the vote


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Are Chicago voters really that stupid? Or is it the graveyard vote that allows them to keep on picking such terrible mayors? Glad I don't live in the city but whoever is mayor of that town affects the rest of the state.

Him winning was a fore gone conclusion. I new he would win as soon as I heard he was running.
The whole thing was a setup from the beginning...next step is to see what Fed level position Daley winds up with.

Wonder if Rahm is just a "placeholder" until Obama moves back home? :wacko:

I agree with a previous poster...the whole thing was just theatrics. He is such a horrible choice for Mayor, but in Chicago anything goes. Another cog in their anti-gun efforts. The citizens of Chicago are sitting ducks for the criminal element. If Chicago was the last city on Earth...I would go to the Moon to try to eke it out.
They're that stupid, it's proof they've hit rock bottom and started digging. Has a Chicago mayor ever left the city in better condition than when he found it?
Nothing new to say here... I'll just agree with everyone else. Chicago, you're screwed.

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