email to the mayor of Clanton Ohio about the abuse of the ccw permit holder


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stark co is where the canton policeofficer killed his pregnant girlfrind and where all the unlawful strip search happend. nice guy these police officers from canton and stark co.


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The victim of this abusive cop was exercising his right to peacefully assemble, in a public place, no evidence of a curfew in effect was shown. The civvies were in a place that they were legally entitled to be, and have no need to explain their presence or business there.

That's what the guy's defense lawyer would say, and he'd be right - at least on the surface. But I believe he was excercising his "right" to go out and get a hooker. Police are allowed to investigate "suspicious behavior", and laws against loitering are pretty common in this country (before approaching the guy, one of the LEOs can be overheard talking about how that particular car has been cruising around the neighborhood that evening). While that certainly doesn't excuse the LEO's behavior, it makes it hard for me to have much sympathy for the "victim".

If you don't want to be on the receiving end of an abusive cop, don't put yourself in a situation where you have to deal with any cop!

Please review the video that I have linked below: (Please note, the video contains some rather saucey language).


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If you say any part of what this officer did was right, your wrong. It is when someone is stopped by the police we want them to be a pro not like this. He gets away with this stuff what could a cop do if he stops your 17 year old girl out past curfew. OH she is in the wrong so it's ok for him to ( GOD KNOWS WHAT) cause he is a cop.
sir what about next time when he stops someone who is on the spotless side of the law. is it your wish for only her to be treated right. not someone who is even the smallest part wrong to be treated decent.
God why do we need the police then if they act like crooks treat them like crooks.


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I don't see him as being stupid....nervous perhaps...not stupid....
That group of cops were stupid. Maybe they never got any training. NOT!!!! Stupid starts with the search of the vehicle. Continues with leaving the driver in the car while doing it. Failure to secure the information on if there were any guns in the vehicle. So not just stupid, but sloppy and dangerously stupid.

They would have failed any Criminal Justice classes given back in the early 70s down here.


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i would say this is probably what only some fear of, i guess stay out of canton? :biggrin: but coming from someone here living and having a permit in ohio i must say i've had my share of stops where i wonder how they can act like that after you are polite and tell them, they act like the ones with permits are ones to snap on them, not the bad guy? i once got pulled over in a large group of motorcycles (that all ran) but i was carrying so i stopped(no need for a felony, right?) polite and all and he still undid my key from my ignition threw it 20ft ahead of me, treated me like a criminal (yelling, fu, fu that yadi yadi yadi) then after eveything comes back . i STILL get a ticket being the only one stopping AND he didnt even pick my key back up he had thrown.( running red lights must be THAT bad) i just shrugged that one off but bad run-ins like that sure make you nervous for the next traffic stop. i hope that cop looses his job, badge and more than a fine... that video was ridiculous!


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Must be the north end of the state. My encounters over the past couple of years with the city and county cops in our hometown have all been of a professional quality. And having out of state tags normally would mean a different treatment.

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