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NY-Orange County. Large early morning turnout. Many people who don't know what district they are in and some confusion among the much older election people.
One couple in front of me, man went first. Woman went after and could not figure out machine or who to vote for and pushes back curtain and asked her man partner for help. The 89 year old election woman was about to allow this until I opened my mouth. The supervisior than came over to assist the woman. The man and I exchanged angry glars but did not escalate.

Be careful out there today. It seems a certain group of people are hell bent on having their candidate elected.
That's it, I'm going to the polls in uniform. I'm going to be carrying a gun and wearing my badge!
Elkhart, IN
Voted at 10:30Am. Short wait. Most people confused about what line they should be in but good help from workers. No problems. I'm fortunate to be in a conservative area with a few cry baby libs.

Remember those who sacrificed for the freedom we exercise today.

I saw this on Fox News. Two guys, one of whom was carrying a nightstick, were standing near the entrance of a polling place in Philadelphia. The guy with the nightstick was asked to leave by the Philadelphia police. The other one remained, and when he was questioned by reporters, acted as if he did not know about the guy with the nightstick, who was seen on video standing with him.
Well nothing burned down yet

Let's start an open post tracking political changes for the administartion and just see where it goes from here.
Civil Unrest In CA after elections

Several Gay Marriage Ban Protesters Arrested in Clashes With Police in California
Thursday, November 06, 2008


Nov. 5: Protesters march on the Sunset Strip during a 'No on Prop 8' rally in West Hollywood, Calif.
Seven people were arrested Thursday during ongoing protests in Los Angeles and San Francisco against California's passage of a ban on gay marriage.

LAPD Officer Jason Lee said the marchers were mostly peaceful in the demonstration against Proposition 8 that began Wednesday night in West Hollywood and continued into Thursday morning.

Four people were taken into custody at the intersection of Hollywood and Highland when they tried to cross a line of officers.

Two more protesters were arrested in West Hollywood for disturbing the peace and another for public drunkenness, according to Sheriff's Sgt. Kristin Aloma.

She said that one deputy had minor injuries when he was hit by a car as he prepared to close an intersection before protesters arrived.

Demonstrators marched Wednesday night through West Hollywood, Hollywood and Santa Monica. Several stopped at busy intersections and blocked traffic, prompting police intervention.

An additional group of about 500 protesters gathered near CNN's Los Angeles bureau, where they were seen banging on the doors and walls.

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Gay Marriage Clashes The demonstrations caused the Los Angeles Police Department to declare a tactical alert — one requiring all available officers, including some from other precincts, to respond.

Television cameras showed one protester jumping on top of a police car at the intersection of Hollywood and Highland avenues. He was quickly wrestled to the ground by police and handcuffed.

In San Francisco, hundreds gathered Wednesday night on the steps of City Hall to protest approval of the ban.

Demonstrators held candles and carried signs that read "We All Deserve the Freedom to Marry" as part of the event, sponsored by groups opposed to Proposition 8.

Click for more on the protests in San Francisco

San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom expressed frustration with the ban, but said he is hopeful it will be overturned in court.

The loss was a political defeat for Newsom, who's been one of the most prominent advocates of same-sex marriage. However, he believed the effect on his gubernatorial aspirations is "trivial" and "irrelevant."

City attorneys of Los Angeles and San Francisco, along with the American Civil Liberties Union, filed requests for the state Supreme Court to overturn the gay marriage ban on Wednesday.

Meg Waters, part of the Yes on 8 campaign team, told City News Service, "gay and lesbian couples have exactly the same protections under the law with civil unions."

"Marriage has been defined as a man and woman since time began," Waters said. "The people of California have voted twice, so I think the best thing to do is for everybody involved to figure out a way to move forward."

Waters said she understands "how gays and lesbians may feel concerned about this."

"If they stop and look at the situation, they have the exact same legal protections and rights under the law today they had yesterday," Waters said.

"You can't change the definition of something that existed forever because you don't like it."

The Yes on 8 campaign has "a great deal of compassion for gay and lesbian couples and support completely their right to live as they choose, whether it's in a committed relationship and a domestic partnership or however they choose," Waters said.

"We don't believe that Proposition 8 hinders that at all," Waters said. "We're hoping very much to rebuild bridges to that community at some point."

The Associated Press contributed to this report.
Diantha Harris has no business pushing her political crap off on to elementary school students. She's a fine example of why our schools are so messed up.

BTW, if her husband's name is "William", they may have moved to MI.


She is also a fine example of why we home schooled. I know not all teachers are like this and there are good ones out there but I figured why take a chance.
Red alert!!! Red alert!!!!

the marxist obama will be president of the united states on 20 january 2009. Can there be a bigger crisis?!!!
the marxist obama will be president of the united states on 20 january 2009. Can there be a bigger crisis?!!!

Someone call the Bush......at the meeting they just had, I'm guessing W looked into Obamas eyes. I wonder what he saw this time :fie:

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