Elderly Woman Grabs Gun, Holds Would-Be Burglar At Bay


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LAKE LYNN, Pa. -- An 85-year-old great-grandmother from Lake Lynn, Fayette County kept an alleged burglar at bay using a .22-caliber pistol.

According to police, a 17-year-old suspect was attempting to burglarize Leda Smith overnight.

That's when Smith grabbed her gun and told the teen that she would shoot him if he moved, police said.

"I had the gun on him before he turned around and said, 'you've had it,' " Smith told Channel 11-News.

According to police, Smith ordered the boy to dial 911 and then gave him some advice.

"Dial 911 and don't attempt to throw the phone at me, or do anything bad or i'll just shoot you," Smith said.

When police arrived, they took the teen into custody.

Charges have been filed against the boy and an alleged accomplice.

There was another story on t.v. news a couple nights ago aboout a 90+ woman in CA of all places pulling a snub nose 38 and shooting at an intruder. She did not hit him but he made a hasty excape. Glade to see these stories.
Nothing wrong with this at all! CONGRATS LADIES! Hey, I feel bad for the person who enters my grandmothers house. Shes a gun-totin little old lady.
Unfortunately, due to the anti gun inclinations of the liberal media, stories like these are often overshadowed by those in which guns are used unlawfully. Even though John Lott and others have shown that lawful gun uses far outnumber unlawful ones, the case is just the opposite in the news media.

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