Eezox vs. FrogLube?


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If it saves you some time, here is the post where I detailed the application process. Thank you for taking the time to read it. I realize there may be members here who might be quite dim when describing a process or who might not understand why mixing two lube products to test one of them is silly. Because you do not know me I will not fault you or feel insulted for your assumptions... Enjoy now the post you should have read if you desired to critique the process I used to apply FL:

Thank you for your enthusiasm on this, Santa, it has not gone unnoticed.

The SEALS, although first letter capped previously out of respect will now be all caps, I agree.

Started giving FL a try today, here's what I did this evening:

Had a few rare moments to myself today so I took my Glock 27 AND the PM9 and field stripped then blasted all parts off with brake cleaner. I know, not good for polymer but just once should not be a big issue. Anyway, wiped them off and preheated all the parts in the oven at 175 degrees. Took each part out one at a time and liberally applied the stuff, like a liberal applies tax (someone elses) money! They went back into the oven to keep warm. Took each part out again and applied more, leaving them out to cool this time, while applying the Frog Lube (FL) every few minutes while cooling.

The parts cooled with a good coating of FL remaining. After an hour or so I repeated the above process providing two applications of FL on very warm metal/polymer. Wiped them down, removed excess FL from polymer, slide/extractor area, etc., and reassembled. ...Three plus hours including wait time.

I will take them to the range this weekend. After shooting I'll wipe them off. I'll take them back to the range again without applying any more FL and shoot again, then whiping them off again. As for me, the lubricity (is that a word?) or maybe "lubricationality", hehe, after that will be the time to see 'sup wid it.

For those who relish conciseness:

-Brake cleaner removal of oil.
-Wiped down.
-Preheated gun parts to 175 degrees.
-Applied FL liberally with supplied brush, giving bores a FL soaked bore patch also.
-Returned parts to oven to soak FL while very warm while 'basting' parts with FL every few minutes.
-Removed from oven and let parts cool while reapplying FL every few minutes.
-Let cooled and coated parts sit and chillax for about an hour.
-Repeated the process! (minus brake cleaner and intial wipe down) (two FL applications)
Of note: Used about 2.5 FL sample tubes, maybe about 7 or 8 ml's total. Did catch/reuse 'drippings'.

(to be done this weekend):
-Shoot the damn things a number of rounds each maybe 20 or 30 rounds of carry ammo along with some ball ammo.
-Wipe guns down after they cool.
-Go shoot them again, wipe down again.
-Look at the two nails, one FL treated and one not, outside and compare oxidation levels. ...nutt'n fancy.
-Convene the bipartisan panel regarding FL.

...Have to say, the FL is slick when liquified to say the least. Smells good and the skin on my fingers feels strangely supple, NOT something that occurs after handling petroleum based liquids.

Along with the other guys going to the range this weekend to check out the FL'd guns, I'll be back.

For you one-line wizards:

Cleaned, treated with FL twice and will shoot, wipe, shoot, wipe then see 'sup.


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Anyone have experience with this.

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I read a few articles from different gunsmiths about this and have testified to a small increase in bullet velocity along with excellent corrosion resistance


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Anyone have experience with this.

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I read a few articles from different gunsmiths about this and have testified to a small increase in bullet velocity along with excellent corrosion resistance

Interesting. The 'creeping' factor might be a consideration in a carry gun in that over a bit of time (?) it could creep to the primer of the round. Would that be something to consider?

If it works as touted i don't see why stored firearms should be treated with anything else other than grease.

Let's keep an eye on this...

Update 1/15/12: I emailed the company and asked, found that "Corrosion X" and "Corrosion X for Guns" are one in the same, per Leon with the company.
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I've ordered 2 full kits of FL from I've got half of my gun collection converted over to FL. (This all takes time) Most importantly, my EDC Glock 23 has over 1000 rounds through it since the FL triple application without a hiccup. Cleaning has never been so easy. The bore only requires the nylon brush for cleaning and an AMAZING mirror shine after 4 passes. The factory 5.5 lb trigger feels a lot smoother and the slide definitely just glides better!!

I bought my father-in-law a G23 Gen 4 for Xmas. I put it through the triple treatment process before wrapping it up for him. Santa also gave him a 4 oz bottle of the liquid. 250 rounds have since gone through his without a hiccup. He's hunted for years and cannot believe the mirrored bore afterwards and ease of just wiping the carbon away with just q-tips and patches!

I work with 250 guys in construction who are all hunters. I'm going to start trying to convert them all over to FL. Two that have Glocks are dropping their weapons off at my house this weekend for the FL treatment. Hopefully afterwards, they'll help spread the word!!

I'm in Duluth, MN and no one sells this product around here. I bought my first bottle while in Albuquerque at Calibers, then ordered the other two kits.

I'm going to place an ad on Craigslist offering my other gun lubes for free for anyone who wants them. In the ad, I'll also list my reason.

Before I forget, I've also applied this product to my vehicle door hinges, my sliding glass door track and all of my stubborn outdoor pad locks. What a difference this stuff has made!

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