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God Bless Our Troops!!!
Where I work, a lot of the folks have very little if any understanding of the law concerning firearms and carry. My company will be exempted from Florida HB503 (parking lot gun laws) due to it's commitment to the aviation industry and national defense contracts. This will still allow for termination if a firearm is in your vehicle on company property. This is where the education part comes in. We must now let all the employees know that HB503 has exemptions for some industries and must be followed to avoid termination. This is not the outcome I would have hoped for, but big business got it's way. If you have Govt. contracts in Florida you are exempted from the parking lot gun law...Period.

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God Bless Our Troops!!!
you can still CCW just not on company property

You can still CCW. Just not on company property, during company trips or on company time. Off work your time is your time. My security manager comes to me with almost all his gun questions because he knows I will get him a good answer based on what the law says not what he wants to or expects to hear.


I think if your security manager is having to ask you questions than he isnt a very competant choice to be incharge of security! He obivously doesnt take his job seriously to be putting his decisions in the hands of an employee who feels he is an expert on interpeting laws when that said employee probably doesnt have a law degree.

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