Edmonson County Sheriff Indicted


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Edmonson County Sheriff B.J. Honeycutt now finds himself on the wrong side of the law after being indicted on charges stemming from "concealed carry" classes he taught.

Thursday, Edmonson County Sheriff B.J. Honeycutt was indicted on two charges.

Officials say Honeycutt "misrepresented having conducted training courses" back in 2004.

Gregory and Carolyn Ann Vincent claim Honeycutt never actually trained them during a "concealed carry" class.

The second charge says Honeycutt provided "incomplete firearms training" in 2006.

Bowling Green lawyer Steven O. Thornton says his client doesn't believe he broke any laws.

However, the courts think differently after handing down charges today saying that Honeycutt violated Kentucky statutes.

"They believe they have evidence to establish Sheriff Honeycutt releases to people to get "concealed carry" licenses that did not take the class," says Thornton.

Honeycutt, who has chosen to speak only through his lawyer, says the charges against him should not be lumped in with his job as Sheriff.

"The most important thing is obviously, these charges have zero to do with him as a Sheriff because you don't have to be a Sheriff to teach "concealed carry" class," Thornton says.

While Honeycutt is optimistic that he will be acquitted of all charges, Thornton says Honeycutt is still taking the indictment hard.

"I think its very hard for someone to have their name associated with the charges like this and have some people, whether rightly or wrongly, think he did something wrong," Thornton continues.

Honeycutt's arraignment is scheduled for January 3rd in Madison County Circuit Court.

If convicted, Honeycutt could face up to 10 years in prison.

Reporter: Ryan Dearbone
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