Editorail board gets it wrong on every count.

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First of all you may attribute the first two paragraphs of your article to me, Paul J. Mattson, NRA Certified Instructor and Range Safety Officer at Maine CWP Training of Harrison Maine.

Trained individuals in possession of a Maine Concealed Firearm Permit, after completing the necessary training and background checks, do not pull out guns on a playground as you suggest; in fact that is the number one rule when using or storing a gun, “Always Know Your Target and What is Beyond.” If you participated in any of our NRA certified Courses we offered your publication free of charge you would not be making these intellectually dishonest, retractable statements.

A 12 year old shot and killed a Pitt Bull on July 13, 2011 saving the lives of three family members undoubtedly, here in Maine. I have dispatched a rabid fox attacking a delivery driver, on the range…as a last resort.

PETA would revolt with the knowledge an unarmed ranger (BY RULE) resorted to using a weed whacker and the relentless clubbing before being dispatched, rather than a single bullet from the Cape Elizabeth Police Department. One single shot is far more humane, wouldn’t you agree?

Can you name one single incident you refer to where a properly trained, Maine Concealed Firearms Permit holder used a firearm to dispatch a rabid animal in a dangerous way? The statement that, “Do-gooders who prove more deadly than wild animals than the concealed weapons supposedly protecting them from, “is an opinion not fact in Maine. Nameing other indefensible incidences like the two women that were massacred on the Appalachian Trail because at the time they were restricted from possessing a concealed firearm.

By the way, if you participated in one of our NRA certified courses you would know there is no such thing as a Concealed Weapons Permit in Maine. Oh My!


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Way to go. As an NRA grassroots political activist trainer, I can state that the most popular newspaper feature is letters-to-the-editor.

Even if the editor does not publish your letter, you have probably influenced his/her thinking.

Often, in a bid to increase readership, editors will bait pro-gun writers with an anti-gun letter or editorial, knowing that their inbox will soon be full with logical, entertaining replies.

So, if one anti letter gets published and five or more pro-gun replies get published, it benefits the newspaper. Readers buy the newspaper that reinforces their political beliefs. So, gunnies will put down their $$$ for the paper. And, you will probably convert a few anti's along the way.

Even though newspaper circulation is falling, those most likely to vote, and those most informed about politics continue to purchase newspapers or read them on line.

Hint to gunnies in NYC, NJ, MD, MASS, IL, CAL: write letters. Keep them short, limited to one topic, and, if possible, write a memorable "kicker" for the last sentence.
I have been assured by the editor it will be printed unvarnished and I had the opportunity to further inform them on the necessary requirements to apply for a Maine Concealed Firearms Permit.

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