Ebay, Criags List - no guns or gun accessories


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I'm suprised I didn't see these here already. You can't sell most firearm parts on Ebay and on craigslist is even worse. You can't even sell optics on craigs list.


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There are other avenues out there to sell or buy what you need. I won't support Craigslist or eBay because of their policies against the sale of firearms related items.
On Craigslist, you can't even list gun accessories, anything with 'gun' in the name, or anything that might be considered as a gun in any way. So paintball gun? Better call it a paintball "marker" (the proper term, anyway.)

Cell phone holster? Might get flagged just for using the word "holster".

I won't shun eBay or Craigslist, I have other hobbies where those two sites are basically the main methods around; but I am a big fan of Gunbroker.


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Hi yes, I am aware of armlist, gunbroker, gunsamerican, armspost and numerous more. I wanted to bring these anti gun companies to the attention of the general public. Will I shun them? Not 100%, but if given the choice and all things are equal their anti gun policies will play into my decision of whom to support.


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yeah it's funny so see have fast a firearm post is flagged on craigslist, when someone who doesn't know tries to post one.


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I've bought gun stuff off ebay it's under sporting goods then outdoor sports,then hunting, they have reloading, parts, holsters, safes ....just no guns or ammo


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While that restriction is questionable it does afford some other sites brisk business with said items.
I see a lot of guns on Craigs List. The are usually mostly in the same day as posted or a day before. A Red Label 26" O/U is one that has been there recently.

Also, saw a KelTec yesterday.

I guess if you don't use the more common brand names or more main stream name like Smith and Wesson, the one's even the most casual observer would notice, you can get away with it for a little while anyway.


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