Earthquake destruction!


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Hilarious. Today somebody said "You know what they call a 5.9 earthquake in SoCal?? Tuesday!". So true. We used to live in SoCal in the early 70s and experienced several quakes, including the nasty San Fernando quake of '71. I spoke to my 81yr old mother today after she had her house rattled by today's "jolt". "Earthquake??" she said. "That was no earthquake....."

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I had a laughed at one of the earthquake reports too yesterday. You see I was here in my laptop on the first floor and hubby was in his den. TV was announcing the news, then it said "President Obama is going to speak soon about the earthquake..." blah...blah...blah...Then I heard a tirade from the den: "WWWWWHHHHHHHHHAAAAAAAAAAATTTTTTTTTT?!?!!?!?!!?!???? HE'S GONNA DO WWWWHHHHAAATTTT???" The the ranting moved closer...and closer..."What's he gonna say? Will he blame the earthquake for some of his failure to rule this nation? Another thing to blame? [email protected]#$$%%^^&&***()__)((**&&^^^%$$$##@! The stocks are high, for crying out loud, stay in your hole!!! We need to recover some of our money! Go on vacation! Forever!":angry:

and so on and on..and on...and on....Did OB made a statement on TV? from his hole? I didn't know...I shut the tv off to shut my hubby's ranting off too. I am scared he might throw our dog on the tv the way he was so angry. We would have to buy another tv and get another dog.:wacko: I will go for a Jack Russell (listen FUDO...) he is much much lighter than a 135 lb rottie.:biggrin:


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They found the center of the quake! It was in the graveyard! Our forefathers all turned over in their grave at the same time!

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