e4473=gun registration


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I am posting this in two forums.I am doing that on purpose.This is too important to miss.To all of you fellow firearm dealers out there,and to all of you,actually,buyers,too,I want to bring something to your attention,if you don't already know about it.I was looking on the ATF website today for how to order a form and I found information about an electronic version of the ATF form 4473.Supossedly it was recommended by the president to reduce paperwork (this would be president Bush).I downloaded and installed it and proceded to go through it and realized that when the e4473 is used,it is not kept on file by the FFL,it is kept on file BY ATF.That means that they will know your name,what you bought,how many,and when.I know,the 4473 already has all of that stuff on it.But the paper forms are kept on file by the FFL,and ATF looks at them once a year during a compliance inspection or if they are investigating a crime.With the e4473,they will have the information at their fingertips.This is gun registration.Voluntary,for the moment,but gun registration,nonetheless.Personnaly,I am concerned.There is no uninstall feature in this program,either.You have to manually delete it if you want to get rid of it.Which I did.
Watch out fellow freedom-loving Americans.If you are a dealer,I recommend that you do not use the e4473.And if you are a buyer,I highly recommend that you DO NOT fill it out when you go buy a firearm.Make the dealer use the paper form or take your money somewhere else.
Just my thoughts on the matter.You all do what you want.I know what I'm going to do.At least as long as I have a choice.

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Great info. I'll be sure to check with the FFL dealers that I purchase from. Don't want "big brother" knowing about my upcoming purchases. :wink:



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There's a company called Coloseum Software that makes the SAME SOFTWARE, but YOU the FFL keeps the record on your computer. NOTHING gets transmitted to ATF. Their software (ATF) is a revers engineered version of the same thing. They basically ripped it off from Coloseum. GOA sent out a notice about this a couple months back. Go to their website and you;ll find the info.

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