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Hi all,
first an introduction I'm a Dutchess county resident,father of a beautiful little girl, a lifetime owner of long guns and hunter. My wife has her permit and I'm interested in getting one also. Unfortunately I was stupid and was convicted of DWI 10 plus years ago. does anyone know if this will bar me from getting a permit in Dutchess.


It shouldnt. Just make sure you state it on your application. The investigating officer will most likely ask you for more information and a letter written in your own words on what happend. Be honest, dont try to hide anything You'll be fine.
Before you put in your application, you may want to talk to the pistol unit about prohibiting offenses. I do know some states will not issue a permit if you have a DWI. It is entirely up to the judge in NY, and as stresco said, you may have to write a letter. Some people will submit a letter explaining what happened with their permit.

Ask the pistol staff though, they are friendly people.
i allso have a dwi in 2003 it didnt mater as long as you tell the courts. you will need a letter and all paperwork from the court where in toke place.good luck i live in sullivan county ny
I'd just call the issuing department and ask. They are always swamped. Took the wife for her permit..now I gotta find her a range to practice at!
You need a certificate of disposition, as stated in the application paperwork. They might ask you for additional information. The Dutchess permit office is pretty helpful so you would be well advised to ask them if you should get any additional documentation when you pick up the permit application packet.

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