Dutchess County NY Pistol permit Question


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Hey all! I just recently receive my pistol permit in the mail, it took a little less than 4 months total. My boyfriend went for his 2 weeks before mine and still hasnt received his. Now I think its because I have no charges or anything on my background so thats why it went quick, however he has a couple charges. He got all the letters from the court saying the cases were dropped and their from 4years ago but he now thinks that because I got mine first he wont get his. When he did the fingerprinting, his boss knew the cop so he told him how he was a good kid and he explained the charges to the cop, so the cop said he was gonna take care of him. Hes still convinced hes not gonna get it. Now my questions are....is there any possible way to find out if he wil get it and has anyone here gotten one when they had a charge agsinst them on their record? Thanks for the help!!!!!

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