Due to FEDEx and UPS my C&R lic is useless


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Sorry I just had to rant. Due to the ineptness of Fedex and UPS I might as well not have a C&R license. It is more hassle to try to get something delivered than it is to just go buy it somewhere. For Christmas I ordered a Mosin M38. It was shipped Fedex last week. Yesterday I received a door tag on my door saying it was the second attempt to deliver the package. I feel this was probably a lie. There certainly was no first attempt sticker. Anyway, I use my whole day off sitting in my house waiting on my new rifle. After it never showed up I tried to track it. Strangely enough the delivery driver had torn the door tag number off the sticker so there was no way I could track it. I called Fedex and they said it had been set aside for future delivery. Despite the fact the sticker said they would try again today. They said they would deliver it tomorrow. I have to work 12 hours tomorrow so now my wife has to use her day off waiting for it. I ask what time they would deliver it, but they didn't know. I emailed Fedex the whole scenario. Their response was get a tracking number a email us again. It sounds as if they are very concerned about my problem. I have on more than one occasion had similar situations with UPS here as well. They wouldn't even let you talk to a person unless you knew to say respresentative into the phone. I live 30 to 45 minutes away from either of their warehouses so picking up the products is not really an option. Anyway, sorry for the ranting, just something you night want to consider when you are thinking about a C&R lic.

Sorry to haer about the trouble you are having with Fed Ex.I can relate to your frustration because i am waiting for them to deliver my books for my two college classes and they still aren`t here.I called them and was told that they were all ready delivered and i have no books.I have also been home the past three days and have a 75 lb furry burglar alarm that doesn`t miss a visitor.I had to call the college again and have another set of books sent and now they won`t be here on time.Hope you get your rifle soon.Good luck.
I use FEDEX a lot to do all type of business
I always tell them what time of day to deliver and they have been great
When I order,I specifically tell the company/person Im ordering from to either state to FEDEX Company the time to deliver, BEFORE 12, or between 12 and 5
you as a consumer has to set a time frame in order not ot reserve your ENTIRE DAY to waiting.
Good luck
That's terrible, Doc. I had a similar experience, although not along the lines of a new rifle. I ordered my wife an iPod for Christmas, and with that order, I purchased the extra 2-year service package. They both shipped the same day (12/16), but I never received the package containing the service agreement. It delivered on Monday (1/7). Strangely enough, with regard to guns, the lady who shipped my latest addition said she had to go to 3 different Post Offices before she found one that was "comfortable sending a gun by mail."

By the way, what's a C&R license, and what's FedEx got to do with it?
It sounds like just poor service on the part of FedEx.It doesn't seem like it has anything to do with your C&R or with firearms at all.Sometimes UPS will miss a delivery and when I check the tracking it says 'receiver not able to sign for package',when,in fact,they did not try to deliver it.Just got confused or lost.
I feel your pain.
That's terrible, Doc.
By the way, what's a C&R license, and what's FedEx got to do with it?

A C&R license is a federal collector license issued by the ATF.It stands for Curio and Relic.Certain firearms are deemed valuable as a collector's item and having this license gets you the privelage of having these items delivered directly to you instead of you having to go throuogh a dealer.
Well Fedex did finally get me my rifle. They had someone take the time to call me Friday morning. I told them my wife would be home to sign for it until about 11am. They did not like that time spam. As I continued to explain the scenerio he kept saying I'll make a note of that and talk to my driver. By the end of the conversation they said if the driver couldn't get there by 11 they would send a manager to bring it to me.

Yes this was all the deliverer. I wasn't intending to imply to had anything to actually do with the license itself. It's just not very useful if you can't get anything shipped to you.

I am very pleased with my new Mosin. All matching serial numbers. Good rifling. Decent stock. :D

Pascalfleischman The C&R license (FFL03) allows a lot of purchases that as previously stated can be delivered directly to your home. All you have to do to get one is fill out some paper work and send it to the ATF. It only cost $30 for 3 years. Also if you ever use midwayusa they give you a dealer discount for having it. Check amisurplus out. Anything that says ffl03 or C&R eligible can be shipped to your home.
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How did you get the C&R ATF forms? I have requested the forms twice from the ATF offical website and have received nothing in the mail. They also limit your request to (2) two blank forms so you can't help out your buddies.

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