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Although I know it’s safe to dry fire most modern handguns, I decided to test the Glock E-Trainer to see if it helps. I found after a little while that I wasn’t putting enough finger on the trigger and it helped eliminate my tendency to shoot left. Check out the video

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Dry firing the Glock line of pistols is not and has never been an issue.
Who told you that?

Ever since Glock began using MIM parts (including strikers) the factory has completely reversed their former position of remaining absolutely silent about whether or not a Glock pistol should be fired without using snap caps.

For, at least the past 4 or 5 years, Smyrna's official position is that snap caps should always be used while dry firing a Glock.
You need to dry fire the pistol to disassemble it. If dry firing were an issue, they would not have designed the pistol that way.
Why argue when it really isn't necessary? Dry-firing to disassemble is NOT the same thing as dry-fire practice where the Glock's striker is repeatedly slammed into the breechface. Furthermore when Glock pistols were originally designed, MIM parts were NOT in wide use; but today they are.

Here's Glock's published answer: "It’s OK to dry fire your GLOCK pistol, but we recommend using a snap cap or dummy round if you will be dry firing for a long period of time." ~ Glock FAQ's

But, hey, it's your Glock so, please, don't let me stop you from doing whatever you like with your own property. Everybody knows that Glock pistols are made from 'Wunder Metall', and the normal rules of physics don't apply!

A certified advanced Glock armorer. (Hint: Those are the people that teach the Glock armorer's course, the course you need to take to become a certified Glock armorer.)
Come on, you're being just plain silly. I am not going to argue with you. Please, go ahead and dry fire that Glock till your finger aches. What do I care; it ain't my gun!

So, a 'certified advanced Glock armorer' told you that stuff, huh! (You're not fibbing right now, are you?) If so then the guy is obviously NOT reading his manual updates!

By the way, thanks for reminding me why I've never attended one of the factory's armorer courses. For years now, the largest independently owned gun shop in PA has repeatedly offered to send me to Smyrna, but I keep on telling them that it would be a waste of, both, their money and my time.

And, look at that, you just proved me right! We're done with this, now.

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