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updateSent returned receipt on Thursday 05/21/09 (overnight)
It arrived at the unit on Friday 05/22/09
Just in time, so it could sit in the P.O. Box, for the 4 day Holiday weekend!!
Signed for at 7:17AM on Tue. 05/26/09
Checks cashed on 06/01/09
Ink Prints
This timeline is X2, because I sent in my wife's application along with mine and they cashed both checks on the same day.

I called today(08/14/09) and they told me that mine was issued yesterday(08/13/09), and then I handed the phone to Mrs. Straight Shooter and hers was issued today! We should recieve in the mail in 7-10 days.

It came Today (08/17/09)!!!!!!!!!!!!
89 days mailbox to mailbox!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Time for the Wally walk!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We expect the wife's license to arrive tomorrow, as her license was issued the day after mine.

I realize that this is a serious responsibilty (the decision to carry), That being said, I chose to break this news to my wife in the following fashion:

I went into my office and closed the door, I new that it was here as soon as I saw the envelope. I opened the envelope and saw my license for the first time, and I read the accompanying literature. I googled the James Bond theme song and I found it. I put my novelty CWP badge around my neck, and I donned my "Sherlock Holmes" style hat. I posed with my (unloaded)Kimber in one hand and my new License in the other, I pressed play on the Theme song and called my wife into the office! As soon as she came in and saw me in that "get up" we both about Died with laughter, and then she came and gave my a big congratulatory hug and a kiss, and she said where's my license? I said,"It didn't come today honey, but hopefully tomorrow!" As previously stated, hers was issued the day after mine and we sent them in the same package to the DOA, at least our license numbers are exactly the same, with the exception of the last digit(I am 4 and she is 5).
Upon examining my license she said, "that's a terrible picture, you look so angry and pale grey" The DOA obviously does not use the same technology as was used on my drivers license. We will do some more celebrating after the Dolphins game tonight!

Stay tuned for the latest updates, reported as they happen!

<-Straight Shooter->

How did you pull that one off? OK, mine came in 82 days (in FL) my wife is still waiting for hers 2 months later........I figured I received mine because of the letter I wrote to our Governor when the legislature tried to raid the trust fund :-)

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