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I am trying to better understand the law on informing officers of a CCP. I know in NC I was told that I have to inform any officer I have a CCP whether I am carrying a gun or not. Does this hold true when I am out of state? I cannot get a full understanding from each state. At least it is not 100% clear.

A follow on question, I know the states that have reciprocity, but the state (like NY), I am also not clear if I am even allowed to have a gun in the car or locked up in my trunk while driving through the state to get to NH.

Can someone with experience please help me clarify this?



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In NY, have your gun(s) locked in a case, unloaded, with ammo in a separate container. They cannot be in the passenger compartment or glove compartment, but if you're in a SUV, it should be in the rear luggage area. NY is not a "must inform" state.
New Jersey is also a pain in the *** when it comes to guns. While I've had no reason to travel there with guns, from posts on this and other forums, it's actually as bad or worse than NY.

Finally, there's Maryland. Good idea to use the same storage protocols as above in NY, but in addition to the Gestapo tactics of NJ and NY, they have license plate readers and cross-reference pistol permits with participating states. There have been threads in the forum about traffic stops in Maryland for nothing else than having a CCW permit in Florida....no traffic violations, no other probable cause.

So, familiarize yourself with the laws of each state with the links provided in prior posts. Unless you have reciprocity with your home state, my advice would be... if you're not sure... stow it.

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Only 9 states require you to notify the LEO upon official contact that you are carrying. Between North Carolina, all the way to New Hampshire ,no other state requires it. Follow FOPA 1986 rules and stow the firearms in Maryland, New Jersey and New York.

Have a great,safe trip.


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Hi all,

Thank you for your help. With all this added info, I found an app (legalheat) for my iPad that seems to update quite a bit and looks to be very accurate. It also has video to help with guys like me that can't read between the lines:).


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I know in NC I was told that I have to inform any officer I have a CCP whether I am carrying a gun or not.

Who told you that? Was it a law enforcement officer, CCW instructor or gun shop employee (the three biggest sources of false information regarding firearms laws, in no particular order).


§ 14-415.11. Permit to carry concealed handgun; scope of permit.

(a) Any person who has a concealed handgun permit may carry a concealed handgun unless otherwise specifically prohibited by law. The person shall carry the permit together with valid identification whenever the person is carrying a concealed handgun, shall disclose to any law enforcement officer that the person holds a valid permit and is carrying a concealed handgun when approached or addressed by the officer, and shall display both the permit and the proper identification upon the request of a law enforcement officer.

Notification is only required when you are actually carrying a concealed handgun.

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