Draw Fire Hit when jumped from behind - Anyone done it?


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How many on this forum have actually had, and by had I mean no other reasonable choice, to draw their weapon from a concealed carry and then successfully dispatched and assailant?

The reason I ask is that it seem that it seems that concealed carry can provide protection, but also a deterrent.
However, it is only a deterrent when concealed carry is a well known factor in a community.

So, regarding self-defense, it would seem that the time to deploy a firearm is when it is necessary to save a life.
That brings up the question of whether or not it is necessary under the circumstances to discharge the firearm.

Skipping numerous scenarios, I refer to one only in which a person is jumped from behind and with apparent force and intent to pummel and possibly kill.

Can you get your gun out and use it in time?
How many here have?


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I have pulled my pistol and not had to fire at the assailant. It supprised him greatly and he quickly fled. He was armed and was pulling his piece from his waistband but I was faster on the draw.


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I'm confused, how is concealed carry a deterrent?

Never been jumped from behind, can't offer anything on that. In any attack, where they are already on you physically, becoming offensive quickly is the best thing you can do. I would like to read some experiences that you asked for as well though, did you have time to draw from a rear attack?

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