Dr asks wife, "Guns in house?"

Well inform

I mispelled a few words there i am a lot more tired then i tought, Have A great week It going to Be A lot warmer. So Take care everone. like the saying goes Doctor I Will do the talken here and i will tell you what you can do to me not you telling me what you can do to me. are what questions you can ask me. I Hope that helps.

I've gotten questions before hinting at abusive home situations, but have yet to get the gun question. Will probably have to tell my dr to mind her own business on that one if it ever comes up.
Susan Gratia

My favorite doctor is Susan Gratia, of Luby's Cafe fame...good lady, although she isn't my personal physician!
I would be more than happy letting my Doctor know that, Yes, I am a RESPONSIBLE firearms owner and can we now address my hemmorhoids cuz they are really making my a$$ ITCH :bier:
As a bunch of "educated" people, one would think that the AMA (American Medical Association) would be able to sort through the propaganda and get the facts straight and figure out that the guns in the home isn't the problem. :(
i agree with you 110%. my doctor couldn't be better. he's lifetime nra, has a ccw permit, and has a new ar-15 and wants to go shooting with me. when he asks me about guns, it's for GOOD reasons. sorry, to far for you to comute but maybe you'll do better. there are some out there. good luck!!
They should really be asking more about whether you have twinkies, Bubba Burgers and a big TV in the house. Those are far more likely to kill you than a gun.

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