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My brother and I submitted our CCW applications on March 13. I had to apply in Washoe County, while my brother had to apply in Douglas County. I received my permit on March 24. My brother still has not received his. They told him two and a half months. In Douglas County, they contact the applicant by phone and he or she has to go to the Sheriff's office and pick it up in person. If you receive an envelope in the mail, you're denied.

So far, no phone call or an envelope in the mail. Does anyone have any experience with Douglas County and what the average turnaround time is?

Well, my brother finally called the Douglas County Sheriff's Office. He was originally told two and a half months. Now, they changed it to four months. When the lady checked on the status of his application, he was told that it was still at the investigator's office. He was told that he would get a call at the end of the four month period.

Now, he submitted his application right as Sheriff Pierini was going through that problem with disclosing confidential CCW information to the public. Could the reason for the switch to four months be a result of Sheriff Pierini having to abandon his disclosure practices? It sure seems coincidental to me. Is Douglas County going to make all CCW applicants wait the entire 120 days?
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To answer my own post to my own thread, the turnaround time was 130 days total. That's a hell of a long time.
Dang. That means the good sheriff VIOLATED NRS 202.366.
Within 120 days after a complete application for a permit is submitted, the sheriff to whom the application is submitted shall grant or deny the application.
And a failure by the sheriff to complete the investigation (within 120 days) is NOT among the enumerated reasons for denial.
Dang. That means the good sheriff VIOLATED NRS 202.366.

And a failure by the sheriff to complete the investigation (within 120 days) is NOT among the enumerated reasons for denial.

They will probably claim that they actually processed the application a week or two later. IMO, the countdown should start went the application is submitted and should start with the date on the receipt for the application fee. My brother submitted his app on March 13 and paid with cash so there was no time needed to cash a check.

I have to admit, the delay was causing him to worry. Thoughts about being denied and all kinds of things went through his head. He has no criminal record and had nothing to worry about, but it still bothered him. Over there, a call is an approval and a letter is a denial. They call you to come pick it up. Imagine the feeling he felt on July 21 when the call to his cell phone came in. He left work and headed over there right away, as I would.

Douglas County had us on hold because we wanted to take more training, but he wanted to make sure he got his CCW first. Of course, we could have taken a class without it. He considered open carry, but can you imagine what Sheriff Pierini's deputies would do if they saw him waalking into the CVI or Sharkey's? They would be on him so quick. I am pretty sure that they would tell him to disarm too.

Now, my brother wants to get another auto, a polymer compact of subcompact. I was thinking that he might have even more trouble submitting the firearm addtion. It could take months.
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