Don't you just love their tactics?


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Perhaps you should read more:

Operation Delego, an ongoing investigation that was launched in December 2009, targeted the 72 charged defendants and more than 500 additional individuals around the world for their participation in Dreamboard – a private, members-only, online bulletin board that was created and operated to promote pedophilia and encourage the sexual abuse of very young children, in an environment designed to avoid law enforcement detection. To date, 52 of the 72 charged defendants have been arrested in the United States and abroad. Members traded graphic images and videos of adults molesting children 12 years-old and under, often violently, and collectively created a massive private library of images of child sexual abuse. The international group prized and encouraged the creation of new images and videos of child sexual abuse – numerous Dreamboard members sexually abused children, produced images and videos of the abuse, and shared the images and videos with other members of Dreamboard. Operation Delego represents the largest prosecution to date in the United States of individuals who participated in an online bulletin board conceived and operated for the sole purpose of promoting child sexual abuse, disseminating child pornography and evading law enforcement.


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Very commendable!! They got one thing right. These clowns can’t even say the word Muslim Terrorist and refer to the Tea Party as “Terrorist” Not to mention the groping old ladies in wheel chair.


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Tyranny comes in all colors, from all walks of life and can be found now in all levels of our own government. Tyranny is tyranny, and I for one will go on record saying this administration can hang.

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