Don't threaten PD with knives or hammers...

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. -- Police officers opened fire on two men armed a sledge hammer and a knife who Albuquerque police said threatened the officers.

One of the men shot by police Sunday afternoon at the Warren Coronado Apartment Complex near Uptown at about 9:30 p.m. underwent a number of surgeries Sunday. Both men are recovering at an area hospital.

Police swarmed the neighborhood after a resident reported people yelling and screaming inside and outside an apartment.

"There a lot of them. I haven't seen this many in a long time," said Victor Walker, a resident.

Eric Gordon, another resident, described what transpired when police walked up to the place: "I heard yelling back and forth between the cops and the bad guy."

Police said two men who had a sledge hammer and a knife threatened officers, who fired upon the men.

"I was outside smoking a cancer stick and heard four loud pops," Walker said. "I saw someone taken out on a stretcher."

"I didn't feel comfortable, like, weary, shivering," Gordon said.

Police did not release the names of the two men.

The two officers involved in the shooting, who are two-year veterans of APD, were placed on paid administrative leave as the investigation continues.

Police said two men who had a sledge hammer and a knife threatened officers, who fired upon the men.

Im reading that as they attempted to assault...if it were just a verbal threat I'd agree with you..
If any of you have ever seen someone who was the victim in a savage knife attack, you would understand. Caving your skull in with a hammer is none too pleasant. I'll shoot anyone that comes toward me with a knife or hammer in a threatening manner. What are they doing facing down cops with these weapons anyway. Doesn't sound like they were volunteers at the Red Cross Childrens Center. A cop is aiming a pistol at you and you continue to argue with a knife in your hand? What's wrong with this picture? One move toward me after I warn him and he's toast. Plain and simple.
A woman here near my area just killed two guys with a butcher knife. One died at the scene, another who was ripped open from his shoulder to his navel died the next day. A news reporter I knew, was attacked by a man with a ball/pean hammer and smacked in the head several times. He came out of the coma 3 weeks later, but never really recovered. He died 3 years later in a Nursing Home at the ripe old age of 38 years old. So please, everyone tell me again about that "Excessive Force". No we weren't there, but ain't nobody attacking me with a hammer or a knife. Karate and defensive tactics work well in the movies, but.......... :no:
My opinion and mileage may be different, but if I were threatened more than once with any kind of weapon that could cause any kind of injury, up to and including death, I would do everything in my power to make it stop.
Sounds like a good shoot from what was in the story. It all comes down to intent and means to kill or do great bodily injury. In this case, if the cops yelled to stop and put down the weapons and the bad guys still advanced. That's clear intention. As far as the means, I think a sledge hammer and knife falls into that category.
Kinda hard to defend yourself with a broken arm, leg, skull fracture etc. Fall to the ground and become an easy target for the perp with the knife? Nope... At some point in time you have to commit to the decision to shoot to stop the threat or you will become a victim. Gotta hand it to the police for getting involved in situations like that every day... Thanks to the LEO's who do it fair and right every day...
Two words: Tueller Drill

Yeah Buddy!!! I used the Tueller Drill to train officers in the Academy. On the average, at 21 feet, the rubber knife was making contact when the gun was going off. For the newer guys with very little practice, the knife was being used on them by the time they got the gun out of the holster. Those officers who decided to get the gun out against the rules or were paracticed in their draw, were the only ones who survived.

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