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67 year old man with P-3AT arrested at Orlando International airport
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Although we do not have any information on whether this guy meant to try to take his P-3AT through security or simpy FORGOT he had it.

I understand such a move would be pure stupidity but I can tell you I have nearly walked into "secure" areas with my P-3AT in pocket carry on more than one occasion because I jumped out of the car and simply did not immediately remember that it was there.

You don't forget a 1911 sticking you in the ribs but a P-3AT in the pocket, yeah that's just part of life!

So new gun safety Rule Number 1: YOU HAVE A GUN!

Sounds like he was a little absent minded and just forgot. Part of being a responsible gun owner is remembering that you are carrying a loaded weapon and being aware of your surroundings. If you know you are going to the airport, leave it behind! If you know you have to go the courthouse that day, don't carry it with you!! Plan ahead and use your brain! Forgetting can cost you your freedom!
Yeah, the story doesn't really tell us much. I'm willing to bet he forgot it was there. Even the most dilusional criminal wouldn't believe that getting a gun through security would be that easy. It's one thing to forget you have one in your pocket, but far more likely to forget it is in a carry-on bag. Not that I'm excusing it, as I believe carrying a gun demands that you always keep it's presence in the back of your mind. I think they will realize that there was no intent, and go easy on him.
There may have been a time or two over the years that I forgot to take my gun, sure doesn't happen often, but I have never yet forget that I had it when it was with me.

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