Don Hume 715 IWB for my XD


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So my buddy got his CWP in the mail on Saturday and I expect mine this week. In anticipation, I bought the Don Hume 715 IWB for my service XD40. I wish it had a forward cant, but it'll do for less than $30. I have 2 questions:

Anybody have any experiences they'd like to share regarding this holster?

I'm considering the CB SuperTuck, but I wanted a smaller IWB hoster. Any suggestions on a small holster, clip-on (single clip idealy), IWB, forward cant?


I can't say anything about the Don Hume, but I absolutly love my supertuck. I understand not wanting a huge holster but that's what makes it so comfortable. I used to carry my g 23 in a Galco Summer Comfort. it was small and worked well. O have had my Crossbreed for about a month and I don't even notice it there. The huge back distributes the weight of the weapon across the whole holster. With my Galco I could always feel it. it was like it was always poking me and I was always adjusting it. With the Crossbreed, once I adjusted the cant to my liking I don't have to worry about it. I can feel a slight pressure but it's not at all uncomfortable. Also don't let price make the decision for you. If you plan on carrying everyday it should be about comfort, durrability and concealibility. I've had this conversation with a friend of mine at work and he's trying not to break the bank on holsters and wants to buy a cheaper priced holster. I told him that I started out the same way and now I have a few hundred bucks in holsters.
just my $.02
I actually found a CB Supertuck barely used for $50.00. I have worn the ST with dress pants and jeans and must say that is the most comfortable IWB holster I've found. I carry a Taurus PT145 which is compact, but fairly wide because of the double stack magazine. When I tried a Galco IWB and that always felt like a shoved a brick inside my waist band.
I would encourage you to try the Supertuck. I thought it looked huge when I received it, but after wearing it a couple of hours standing, sitting and driving, it was comfortable. I don't carry at work, but I carry everywhere else. I would recomend a CB Supertuck. The shorts I wear have belt loops and I don't see why the ST wouldn't work with them, though I haven't tried that yet.
Like abock33 said, there's my $0.02 worth.:biggrin:
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Thanks for the insight. I'm not worried about the $70 price.. in fact, I was thinking about the horsehide because of the SC humidity and heat. My main concern is removing the gun/holster to leave in car when going to applebee's or other establishment that I cannot carry in. Certainly it's easier to remove the holster with a single clip than with two.

I've asked my dad to get me the CB ST for my birthday (may 21). But the DH715 will have to do for now...

Permit should arrive any day... hopefully my DH holster will too.
most dont have a Kant forward, I sold most of my holsters of all types and bought several Kholsters much more comfortable and adjustable. I have several single clip holsters and frankly they sit it the drawer. They tend to be thicker and less comfortable.

Link Removed 45.00 shipped

I just remove the gun and leave the holster in place, you dont even know its there
If you must, leave the holster on and remove the gun in the car, like rockwerks says. With the ST and the Kydex part of the holster, when you get back in the car, you can slip the gun right back into place.
Kramer Handgun Leather is the best for concealed carry rigs(belts,holsters,mag carriers).
Go with the Horse Hide,it's GREAT !!!!!
Price is subjective.
Everything Kramer makes is well worth the money.

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