Does your carry pice smell funky?


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After one solid month with a CCW in the AZ summer heat i noticed my gun and holster started to get a little bit, well, funky. I truly never expected to have this issue as an armed citizen. i have heard of dust, pocket lint, even lose change affecting concealed carry, but funk? i never thought i would clean my weapon because it smells funny. i did it tonight and think maybe i should add purell to my gun cleaning supplies.

It's a bit silly, but has anyone else encountered this phenomena?

Same applies to military gear

I used to throw my "battle rattle" in the wash to avoid the funk. Saddle soap cleans leather and for God's sake dont put your weapon in anything but a bone dry holster. AZ is an open carry state...exercise it!
Febreeze, dryer sheets (the really "good stinky" kind) and air...

I find my gun doesn't get funky, just the cowhide rigs with the AZ heat and my sweating.

Another option is to spray the rig with a body spray (like Axe or whatever), effectively giving it a "Hillary bath" (formerly known as a 'ho bath) before you go out. (Be sure you've got a good leather wax or saddlesoap base first.) The girls will be chasing you, JUST LIKE on the commercials, and the funk from your rig won't make 'em wilt when they catch you. :man_in_love:

A couple techniques I've used since carrying off-duty as LEO in summer temps.

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