Does Stag Arms AR'S hold up?


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Curious to know what everybodys thoughts are on stag arms assualt rifles. I like the price!


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I have one it is still new but I love the thing. Seems like you get a lot of the good features for nice $, like the chrome barrel and whatnot. I did look at quite a few before I bought it. But the price was right and I wanted to buy from my local shop. Good luck with whatever you decide.


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I have a left handed Stag A3. It is very accurate and has been trouble free...and it's left handed:biggrin:

Omar Morales

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I was interested in a S&W mp15(5.56mm), Nj compliant, I really liked it and was likely to buy it. Then in my travels i stopped by at another Gun shop and asked for the same model he said he didnt have any and handed me the stag arms (didn't get the model). I haven't washed my hand since. I am contemplating on purchasing it? But wasn't sure of the quality, past/present good/bad reliable reviews.


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My model 3 is totally reliable with anything I have fed it. Wolf, Silver Bear, Hornady, etc. With my handloads W/Nosler 55 gr. softpoint it is close to a half minute gun. Stag Arms rocks.


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It's not an ASSAULT RIFLE unless it's got the go fast position on the selector. Otherwise it's just a semiauto rifle.
I've got a couple of Stag uppers and at least one Stag lower. No better or worse than any of the others on the shelf. Haven't had any problems with Stag but in fact, the only AR I've had trouble with was a high dollar S&W(possibly Stag built). It was fixed to my satisfaction and in all reality, the problem was ammo specific and not so much a weapon malfunction.


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You are right! Don't know what I was thinking. Just excited to get back into the game after my house was burglarized and my mini 14 was taken!


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Bought the model 3 two weeks ago! 500 rounds through it and is still tight no problems whatsoever! Love this rifle!

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