Does Oregon recognize a CCL from Washington State?


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Hi, I live in Washington State,

I'm going to apply for a CCL in the next few weeks. Me and my wife take regular trips to Oregon to visit our nephew and his family. Does anyone know if Oregon will recognize a CCL issued in Washington State?

Nevermind, I just answered my own question. (I checked the reciprocity map, and it says no)

At least we can use it in Idaho. I'll have to tell my wife's nephew to move there

OR will issue non-resident CCW permit to WA residents.

B 4 U give up on a CCW permit for OR if you live in WA, please follow this USA-Carry link:
Oregon Concealed Carry Permit Information
"Out Of State Permit Issue:
Oregon will only issue permits to people who are residents of states that border Oregon. Those states are Washington, California, Idaho and Nevada. A non-resident from the states listed can go to any sheriff in Oregon and apply."
So before you start packing up house and moving to Oregon or Idaho, it may be just a call, mail/fax or road trip to get what you want.
It may help if you also have a concealed carry permit for WA as an NIC was already done on you, that is just a guess. Know they R not a 'Stand your ground' state but they do have a decent open carry law. :victory:
Hope that helps.

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I live in Washington also, right across the river. I actually work in Oregon. Open carry IS legal however without a license. When traveling there, I just set the pistol out where it can be seen. You can get a non-resident license fairly simple. I haven't got around to doing it. A class has to be taken first, then head to the sheriff's office.
Not all sheriffs issue out of state permits. Most require a face to face meeting. Call ahead to the office you are going to apply to to get the procedure.

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