Does Nevada recognize Utah non-Resident Permits?


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I thought that two years ago or so, Nevada began to recognize Utah non-resident permits on concealed carry.

However, in looking at USA Carry's sophisticated map, it looks like Nevada does not recognize Utah non-resident permits.

What gives?

Anyone know?


As of July 1, 2009 NV no longer accepts UT or FL res nor non-res licenses....

I know they dropped FL due to FL changing the length of validity from 5 yrs to 7 yrs. I think NV dropped UT due to UT not requiring live fire certification for their license.

With all due respect, if you are looking for reciprocity laws and information YOU NEED TO VISIT THE STATE WEBSITE AND GET THE INFO FOR YOURSELF RIGHT FROM THE HORSE'S MOUTH. PERIOD.

Depending on information received from a third party is asking for grief, believe me. And when you find the reciprocity info, do yourself a favour and PRINT IT OUT. Laminate it if you can and keep it in a binder with all of the other reciprocity information, photocopies of your permit(s), drivers license, passport, etc.

When travelling, take it with you!!!!

There are plenty of LEO's that do not know the current laws and you need to be able to show them. On the spot.

Be polite. BE VERY polite.

And show them what they don't know.... I have had the laws change while driving from one state to another. We take our laptop with us or get online from the business centre in the motel/hotel we are staying at and check the latest laws before moving along on our driving vacation. It is a warm fuzzy knowing that you are up to date.

Driving through NY, NJ and other gun unfriendly states you need a copy of the federal laws regarding interstate transport of firearms as well. Laminate them and keep TWO copies. One in the binder and one in your travelling companion's suitcase so they can bail you out should the local LE not believe what they are seeing.

This is not a walk in the park nor fun and games. This is SERIOUS stuff. You need to be responsible for yourself and if you want to be spoonfed I suggest you think about another line of self protection, like golf clubs, where no licenses are yet necessary.

Sorry to be terse. I mean no disrespect. I just want whomever reads this to remember it.

By the way, we have TWO minisafes from Harbour Freight fastened down in the rear of our SUV. One for guns and one for ammo. When transporting through gun unfriendly states we unload, lock them up. And one more thing. We either dismantle the gun or put a trigger or action lock on it (we use combo locks so they are quick to get off in an emergency and use the same combo on the safes as well. It takes us about 5 seconds to get a gun unlocked, loaded and ready to go. The magazines are locked in the ammo safe, charged and ready. And remember, no hollow points in NJ)

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