Does Choosing a Revolver come down to just Caliper and Style?


I am going to be buying a handgun for concealed carry, and I am just wondering if revolvers have a broad span of reliability issues from one to another, like semi autos or if all revolvers are just as reliable as the next. And also i am curious as to which would be the most ideal caliper for carry takeing over penetration into account.

I am not a revolver guy, the only one I have is a s&w 442. You wont need anything more than a .357 magnum unless you're gonna be out in the wilderness. And FYI it is CALIBER not CALIPER. a 38 will get the job done as well. Like I said I dont know a whole lot about wheel guns but I dont think you'll find anyone in here that wont say "you can't go wrong with a smith & wesson"
I'm a revolver guy from way back and in my opinion, you cannot beat the reliability of a revolver, but they are a lot harder to conceal. You also have to become proficient with strips or speedloaders . I'm kind of small, 5'8" , 170# and have tryed carrying a S&W 686, but can only really conceal it when it's winter. I picked up a 3" MODEL 60 in .357 with a IWB and it hides real well. Get a Smith or maybe a Ruger SP101 if you want to carry a revolver, my 60 really likes 145 gr Silvertips. If you do decide on a wheelgun, get a magnum, its a great round and I think they are fun to shoot, just alittle more recoil with the smaller framed gun. My wife also likes it but prefers .38's, so her load is 125 gr +p's.
I also carry a Taurus PT111 and am looking at getting an XD or the M&P. Don't know if it'll be a 9mm or a .40.

You cant go rong witha smith & wesson j frame. i curently have a 637, and it just disapears in my pocket.

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