Does Anyone here work as a Truck Driver?

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I know alot of truckers, and some of them carry guns and have CCW Permits. I can't blame them after being in a few late night truck stops and broken down in the middle of nowhere myself. They say they have to be very discreet, because of transportation laws, state lines, and company rules, but I'd have one somewhere. The only ones that I've heard that do not, are the ones that consistantly go into the Northeast in gun hater territory, or of course those who occassionally go into Canada. Any comments. I may be doing this sooner or later, to help a friend out as a team member. :confused:

Been through this time and time again, There is no dot regulation against the carry
of fireamrs on you or in your truck, If you are legal to carry in the state you are in then you are legal period. But company's do have policy's, whether it's the company you
drive for or the company you deliver to, depending on the state your in, could be
breaking the law if said company has no fireamrs policy. Thats where you will run
into trouble.
Oh yes the old can I have a gun with me. I would have it and not need than need it and not have it. I drove for a large armored transport company,rules no backup. State 48 with my own S&W all good. First time firing issued S&W no workie. My may be bad but I had one that worked.

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