Does anyone carry vintage or antique pistols?


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Just wondering how many people might carry a vintage / antique an old Walther, Savage 1907, 1915, etc?

I stopped by a vintage firearms dealer nearby and saw a Savage 1915 hammerless, .32ACP in excellent condition today asking price $850. I have to wait until month end to get it. I just hope he still has it! He also had a model 1907 in fair condition for $425. We were discussing some other classic pistols, when I mentioned I was also looking for a Walther PP with German proofs, when he revealed he was carrying in an ankle holster a Walther PP, .32 manufactured in Germany in 1942. Real nice looking gun! He unloaded it, handed it to me and said, "This one's not for sale, but have a look see."

Anywho, just got me wondering how many of y'all might carry a classic, day in and day out?

I used to carry a 1955 vintage S&W Model 10, but it was much too nice too nice to risk...It had 12 rounds run through it whan I aquired it in 1987...not quite an antique, but...

I am not into antique or vintage firearms. However if I were I would not use one for daily carry because I would not want to have to surrender it to LEO after a self defense incident.
If I am not mistaken, I believe there are a couple of members here that carry a vintage WWII era Polish Radom VIS 35
i have both the .32 and .380 Savage pistols.
paid $75 & $160 back when guns shops considered them junk. i consider them great little guns. i have used them for carry but now they are part of my little Savage collection
I have carried a Colt police positive made in 1921. A remington derringer in 41 rf from around 1900. A german walther PP alot. Sometimes my old Hi Power (but its quite heavy). Now a s&w model 37 but its only 15 or 20 years old.
I have a ppk German Walthers :biggrin: I shoot it & shoot it well, as far as CCing with it :no: But I do have a good CLONE PMK
.380 that is as reliable as the ppk & as accurate as I can be with it, I personnaly don't carry the clone as a primarry some times I use it AS a BUG, As of now my WIFE rides wiyh it every time she leaves, It's better than nothing T/Y/D
I don't carry but do have a Walther P38 in close to pristine condition that my brother gave me. If I needed to I would not hesitate carrying it.
I don't know if I would consider it vintage or not but 30 years ago I picked up a Beretta .32ACP model 1954 that was my primary carry at that time in a Bianchi X-15 shoulder holster. I still have that combo and carry it every now and then, but find it a bit heavy and only .32 so it usually gets overridden by either my P-3At or 9mm.

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