Does anybody know about Davidsons?


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Davidson's/Gallery of Guns is located in Prescott, AZ. It's a huge seller. But now that the Obama administration has decided that they can force guns to drug cartels, while at the same time harassing anybody that buys from the same shop with a visit to your house and or surveillance of your house, is ATF including on-line purchase and transfer to FFL's to other states in their Southwestern states repeal of the 2nd amendment? I have purchased from them before, and plan to do so in the future. But I really don't feel like having my door kicked in in the middle of the night by an Eric Holder GESTAPO goon, because I bought a gun from an Arizona gun shop. Anybody know what they're planning to do to our rights here, or are our rights just slowly going the way of the Weimar Republic?


I live in Arizona and have purchased many firearms from Davidson's. I'm not exactly sure what it is you are concerned about? Davidson's is a distributor, like any other. The fact they are in Arizona wouldn't matter in the least if you reside elsewhere. Guns in every gun shop come from various distributors located all over the country. It is only if you the buyer reside in a border state, that you would be looked at for a multiple semi auto purchase. (More than one a week over .22 caliber).

It's not a big deal, and will accomplish nothing, so I wouldn't worry about it. I've purchased more than one gun at a time from Davidson's, and have never had an issue with them, my local dealer, or the ATF for that matter. It's like anything else. If you're not doing anything wrong, you won't have anything to worry about. Bill T.


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Your info that it's where the buyer resides they are looking is helpful. But, I just checked my copy of the Constitution, and I didn't find the part where usurping power is 'not a big deal'. I just feel that when one of us is separated from the herd for sacrifice, we are all ourselves at risk of the same treatment.


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I live in Arizona and I still not completly understanding your issue. I have purchased many firearms through gun stores that deal woth Davidsons and yet have been asked my intentions of the use of the firearm(s). Not everyone that lives here are cartel drug and gun runners, in fact we despise the dealings. As far as obievil, as long as he stays where ever he stays and stays out of Arizona we would never miss him. Besides, does he have his papers :)


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I've bought alot of guns from them, thirty at a time even. To my knowledge I haven't had a customer of mine getting their door kicked in. Yet.

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