Documenting use of force.

Anyone ever consider how to document use of force?
Definitely an excellent question, but wrangling a gun and possibly a flashlight, if needed, at once is tricky enough. Running a recorder would only distract me from either fighting or taking flight.

The stairwell door swings open and 2 "thug" type males step out both wielding knives.
One could get caught flatfooted and be forced to give up their wallet. However, later on in your scenario, one draws and fires. I daresay that upon facing two men with knives, I would have already drawn and been up on target. OK though, I will grant you that it's possible the scenario could unfold with them too close to draw, but as they move away and decide to "take care of business" it is only then that I'm able to draw.

The accomplice picks up his friends knife and runs away.
Upon reaching for the knife, I can't help but think such likely sudden actions would be perceived as furtive action or some sort of pre-attack indicator that leads me to shoot BG#2.

You get out of work and walk to the parking garage.
A great many parking garages have security cameras. Investigating officers would no doubt go looking for cameras, talk to security folks from the building, and enter the tape into evidence. That would likely be the single most helpful bit of documentation.

Of course, cameras ain't everywhere.
In a court, their record is not admissible because it would prejudice a jury. Maybe the DA or police will take it into consideration, but a jury will never hear their bad record and they will have lots of character testimony about church attendance, Scouts and choir practice.

Yeah, I was thinking about the DA or police...certainly not a jury!
<<< "unlikely that BG #2 is going have the presence of mind, and take the time, to pick up BG#1's knife (or collect any other evidence)" >>>

If BG #2 is picking up the knife, I would feel threatened that he was going to use it on me and act appropriately.

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