Doc, what’s up with snooping?


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Pediatrician paranoia runs deep.
Kids being questioned about parents guns,drinking, drugs and other things.:mad:

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Pediatrician paranoia runs deep.
Kids being questioned about parents guns,drinking, drugs and other things.:mad:

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I have a friend that is a Doctor and he would be the first to tell you that the AMA is a very liberal group.
bravo sierra!

what i would tellthem is not permitted on the board. when doctors begin acting like K.G.B./ STASI agents, something smells like a trap....... paranoid? you bet. it has kept me alive and well for a long time now.......
Pediatrician paranoia runs deep.
Kids being questioned about parents guns,drinking, drugs and other things.:mad:

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If any out there have never lived in, and or been brought up in,a large metropolitan city like Miami, Florida, you had better wake-up real quick-like! . . . You have zero rights as far as being the head of your household and protector of your family's well being, once the Big City Government groups get involved. (All Government groups to be more specific)

Once someone such as a doctor or social worker calls the city authorities, concerning anything that they may think, goes against their liberal minded, left-wing take on right and wrong, you'll find out very quickly that you have no rights, or say, as a parent, or citizen. These facts have been demonstrated way too many times to trust anyone in the positions of authority such as doctors, lawyers, social workers, etc. Their loose lips will sink your ship and everything on board. Just so you know, a close friend is a retired City of Miami Cop, and his wife is head office manager for a giant law firm here. They would be the first to tell you, "Trust No One, and protect yourselves!" . . . Thanks, Mike Vaughan, Miami, Florida/Lexington, Kentucky.
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Spoke with my wife about this last night. She already said she will never leave our children alone during an appointment. She herself had a bad experiance while I was in the military. She was under an umbrella during the summer, but her legs were sticking out in the sun. Well she got burned bad on her legs. It was more then just a burn, her legs turned black and blue.

We had to take her to the ER because she was seriously dehidrated and freaking because of the color of her legs. The Doc looked at her legs and asked me to go wait in the waiting room while they examined her. Well as soon as I left the room she had 2 Docs asking her if I was beating her. She was really ticked off and asked if they would go get me. Well she was unaware that at the same time, they had someone questioning me.

They finally let me back in the room about 20 minutes later and I was treated like crap the whole time. They didn't believe us, until all of here labs came back showing the amount of dehidration she had. After a couple of bags of Saline, the color started to fade on her legs and she started feeling better.

All of this because she spent too long out in the sun!!!
While I totally agree with trust noone, there are good physicians just like any other profession. They all have their on opinions too. My brother is a physician and has more firearms than I can count. He has a physcian friend that teaches the TN handgun course. But, then again, trust noone.
I am a physician and a big 2A supporter. I have what most people would consider an "arsenal" (but still not enough for me). My dad's also a physician and he's the one who got me into shooting. He has more guns than I do by a long shot. So, we are out there....although definitely in the minority.
A poster on a Utah forum tried to pacify me answering this question with answers such as: "the doctors are simply trying to get a read on your family's total health picture; they'll ask about things like whether or not you wear saftey belts too, to get a read on what kind of safety concious person/household/parent you are."

Buy it?

I don't.

So far, I haven't had a doctor ask me this intrusive questions, but if I do, the questions will not be answered. If pressed, I'll leave and find another doctor.

It's really quite simple - the doctor works for you, and you can fire them - politely, or however your own personal style dictates.


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