Do you watch Personal Defense TV?


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Have you seen the show Personal Defense TV?

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I watched the last season that was running earlier this year, thanks for my Windows Media Center I was able to record them all. I just noticed it was recording them again but haven't watched any to see if they were new. I don't see anything that says that have a new season out yet.

Wish I had it. Don't have it on the cable subscription and can't justify the extra cost.

My bill is already over 150 bucks. My wife would have a COW!
If I was allowed to put it on the site I would. It definitely is a great show. I think I pay an extra $1.50 to get that channel.
CRAP! You guys in the Red States get all the great programming like that. Here in the Looney Liberal Pacific Northwest (especially Oregon) we have to suffer through programs that teach how to take a bullet from an offender instead of how to dispense one at offenders.

The only really great cable station I get here is Fox News!
Just found out that Portland, Oregon now has the Outdoor Channel on Comcast ... now I can watch Self Defense TV. TIVO IS SET!:D
I get the Outdoor Channel, but a quick check of the upcoming schedule (Cablevision) doesn't show SDTV or anything that looks like it, but I'll keep an eye out.
Outdoor Channel

My cable company wouldn't carry The Outdoor Channel so I switched to Directv. If you're paying $150 a month for cable you could probably get satellite tv for the same or less. Both satellite tv companies (Directv and Dish) will add The Outdoor Channel ala carte if you insist - they sometimes don't like to acknowledge this. As mentioned, it is a couple bucks a month to do so.

Don't mistake The Outdoor Channel for the old Outdoor Life channel, now Versus.
I just set mine to auto-tune for Wednesday at 5pm. I hope they will replay the first show it sounds interesting, removing seatbelt, drawing, and firing through a window. Thanks for the info!

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