Do you tell the CT State Trooper you have a CCW?

I've been pulled over once since getting my pistol permit. When the officer came up to the car he immediately asked me if I had any firearms in my possession. I'd never been asked this before on a traffic stop, so I would have to assume that our license plate is linked with the fact that we have a permit.

It must be. I have been asked the same question when pulled over. That was never the first question before i had a permit.
I haven't read the entire thread, but I've had two experiences in CT. Once I broke down in a Class II Truck hauling $100K worth of sound equipment which unfortunately somehow was packed in over the safety flares and reflectors. A state cop read me the riot act for not having them on the road even though it was daytime. And he was right. But WHAT an ATTITUDE! He said to my boss who showed up to help "I'll be back by here in one hour and if this POS isn't off of MY highway I'm writing you up." I said "Tell him if it's HIS road fix the damn potholes," from under the hood, but I don't think he relayed the message.

The other experience was my nephew became one of them, a big shot. He left because he couldn't stand them either.
They don't know who you are. If they see it, you might get dragged out of your vehicle by a nervous cop if you start spouting off some right-wing, pro-2A, "I know my rights!" type talk.

I don't see that anyone is espousing "I know my rights" type talk I see that what is being counseled is to shut up

All that are legally armed are on the same team.
Be cool and they will usually reciprocate.

No, we're not. Even the cops will tell you that
All these “Generic Bad experience W/ a Cop” posts would come to a screeching halt if we just followed some simple rules
1. If you are pulled over by a cop, unless you are legally required to do so or you know (I.E. you are about to get patted down he's going to find your weapon do not inform the cop that you are armed (this assumes you are, of course, legally armed)
2. Make the cop tell you why he pulled you over (I.E. Do you know why I pulled you over tonight Mr. Potential detainee? “No Officer I haven’t a clue please tell me.
3. When he tells you why he pulled you over do not argue (I.E. Ok officer I’ll take my ticket now”) you can fight it in court later.
4. Never ever, ever, ever consent to a search. Ever. if they tell you they’ll get a warrant tell them to go for it.
5. Under no circumstances answer questions or make a statement of any kind with out your lawyer present.
6. A traffic stop’s a given, they pull you over, you're not free to go. Other than that as soon as they contact you ask. If they say you are free to go, go. If they say you’re not ask for your lawyer and shut up.
7. Never make small talk with a cop (I.E. ‘where are you coming from tonight Mr. Potential detainee?’ “From conducting my lawful private business officer, am I free to go?”). Cops don’t make small talk.

Follow these simple rules every time you interact with a cop and we won’t have anymore of these threads I promise
"Instead, it should be a law that every person carrying a weapon illegally should be required to notify, not the other way around. With as many liberties as are being taken away, don't give away even more!"

While I like the concept, it would never pass muster. You can't force someone to inriminate himself.
7. Never make small talk with a cop (I.E. ‘where are you coming from tonight Mr. Potential detainee?’ “From conducting my lawful private business officer, am I free to go?”). Cops don’t make small talk.

I'll tell you my experience: One time, I got pulled over for running a yellow light. was yellow. So the cop asks me where I'm coming from and where I'm going. I told him I was working late and going home. He asks where I work. I'm a little puzzled...but I have nothing to hide. I told him. He then proceeds to ask me where that is. Since I was not far from the building, I pointed. He then asks if I know a Mr Smith. I say yeah, I do. I work with him all the time. (I'm completely confused now, but I really did know the guy he was talking about, so I went along with it.) He then goes back to his car and after a few minutes he comes back and says, "Say, "Hi" to Mr Smith and thank him. I'm his brother-in-law. Here is your licence back and have a good night."

So in my case, small talk and nothing to me off a ticket. Go figure...
Making small talk with the cop - Years ago when I was a college student I was stopped for speeding. After telling the cop where I went to school etc. he asked if I knew a freind of his that went to the same school. I said no and he said well he is on the football team and I was wondering ig he was any good. DA me said he must not be if I haven't heard of him! He took no mercy on me and wrote me out a ticket. :(
as a newbee I want to say Hi to all out there and weigh in on this question of telling the nice police officer who stopped you that you have a legal firearm and a permit to carry it. My possition is if he has stopped you for a traffic violation why bother making him nervous? I feel it's none of his consern. Up to the point that he, for a legitimte reason, asks you to step out of the car. At that point, in a calm and curtious manner you should tell him.
Let's not lose sight of the fact that the number one incidence of fatalities among LEOs nationally is traffic stops, and they train accordingly. Any cop is on high alert when approaching a stopped car because they have no idea who is in the car. They do have registration info, but in CT that does not include pistol permit info. Keep your hand on the steering wheel with your Licence and registration, and don't mention the weapon unless asked. Oh, and take into account that most are trained to approach from the passenger side now. I only mention this because you will, in that instance, be reaching across you car to hand things to the cop.
Permit info is relayed to the officer

I recently had an officer friend tell me that this info comes up whrn the run the plate... If he needs to, he/she will ask you about the firearms.
I can count on one hand the number of times I have been stopped in Ct. since obtaining my carry permit. Never has any police officer, state or local, asked me about a gun. Nor do I inform them that I have one. From what I undestand Ct. laws do not require me to inform the stopping officer. However if an officer were to ask I would tell him in a polite manner I am carrying and I have a permit. If an officer didn't ask but for some reason asks me to step out of the car I would then inform him of the gun, it's location and my carry permit.
I'm not sure it much matters if you tell them or not. They will call in your plate number to get the scoop on the owner - presumably you - when they pull you over and that call should result in a call-back telling them there is a CCL in the equation, right? So, when they know that, if you've NOT told them, they may be PO'd and want to hassle you anyway.

My choice for handling this all is a lockable (combination in my case) briefcase which I keep on the seat beside me. If I'm lit up, I toss my guns, magazines and blades in there and LOCK IT B/4 the cop gets to my car. It takes 6 numbers to open the case, so it's not like I can get to it in a hurry, and not like he'll get it open even if he illegally searches my vehicle. If I'm asked about a weapon - it's locked in that there briefcase where we're both safe.

Once I'm 'free to go' I open the case and get my gear back on my person.
Bad idea?

This is a realy, realy bad idea. Having a cop see you stash a bunch of stuff in a briefcase is going to raise a HUGE RED flag.

Bad idea? Read again what I wrote. By the time the cop sees the interior of my vehicle, the briefcase is locked and sitting there. I said "B/4 he gets to the car" - that's "before" in case you didn't know. Mostly, I'd be stashing that stuff while still in motion, and I can do that without too much motion and without turning my head to look. There's nothing to see.

And red flag or not, the briefcase is locked, and he'll need a warrant. I really don't care about being detained if it preserves my rights.
In CT the new NCIC system they have does lists if you have a CC permit when your name is run. If they open the CC permit section it also lists any guns you own. I don't know how far back there records go.
I was told by an attorney years ago that if there is any question about it to inform the officer.

"Officer, I just want you to know that there is a gun at so-and-so and I have no intention on using it or anything else. Now how do you want me to handle it?"

I know this will irk the stuffings out of some people but the comments about having to notify someone that we are not breaking the law is BS. We are notifying them so we won't get shot due to a misunderstanding. Sometimes I feel like there is something wrong with me as I have never been stopped just so unlike it seems most people are everyday from the posts on the Internet.

If a LEO stops you he already considers you to be a lawbreaker/criminal so this stuff about an innocent party is already out the door. It can either go downhill quickly from ther by acting like a criminal or better by cooperating and acting like the law abiding citizen that you claim you are. The time to argue your 2A rights is not beside the road during a traffic stop but later in court.

Unless you give your CCW / LTC to the officer with your drivers license you will be in for a hell of a lot of unnecessary trouble. All FN1910 has done is informed a PO that they (you) have a weapon, not necessarily a legal weapon in their eyes, just a weapon. Most inexperience PO's will yell to their partner, "He's got a gun!" and draw on you.

Try this instead.

If you are carrying and stopped while driving ( I don't know the laws for your State or County ):

Turn off your car. Yes, pull over first.
Turn off your radio. Roll down your window. ( If you have an auto that was built before 1975 you should probably do this before you shut down the auto ).
Have your insurance ready. Do not reach for your glove box during this situation. Get it out in advance.
Pass them all ( IF YOU ARE ASKED IF YOU ARE CARRYING OR HAVE A WEAPON IN THE AUTO ) to the PO if and when they ask. That means your drivers license, your pistol permit and your insurance.
Inform them you have a CCW / LTC and are carrying LEGALLY. Stress that point.
Keep your hands at 10 and 2 on the steering wheel.
Tell them ( typically two officers one on each side of auto ) where your gun is.
Tell them you are happy to proceed however they would feel most comfortable and safely.

This is a very uncomfortable situation for ALL East Coast PO's. They are not used to real world United States 2A rights.
Be calm. Be nice. Try to be relaxed.
Tell them you are happy to proceed however they would like. Without issue.
That includes being asked to get out the the auto, frisked, hand cuffed and placed in a patrol car.
Do NOT resist. It's bull, but they are scared. You are not. You will go on your way shortly. Deal with it.

If you are not asked if you are carrying or have a weapon in the auto, but are asked to get out of the auto you MUST tell them before getting out you are carrying. You have to pass them your CCW / LTC before getting out of the auto. This is for everyone's protection.

Don't speed or drive erratically. Keep your registration up to date and don't do anything stupid while CCW and driving and you will not have an issue.
I am not a lawyer. Do as you like, but this is the training I have been given on the East Coast.
Some states require notification, if your state does and you are carrying then do so.
But if the state you are in DOES NOT require notification then keep your trap shut.
When you give more information than is required, you weaken the rights we have.
And over a period of time you will lose that right.
This type of stuff was argued out in your state senate, both points of view were presented, and your elected officials came to an agreement and the governor of your state signed it into law.
And some of you think you KNOW BETTER?

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