do you name your guns?

ria 1911a1 tactical: lacey (also my girlfriend's name, my girl and this gun are alike, beautiful, powerful, relieable, and a keeper)
taurus pt111 mil pro: beth (looking to sell beth)
stevens model 15a: kim (my first rifle)
m91/30: kate (old reliable)
remington 870: paula (paula scares crackheads and loves deer...)
sks: samantha (one fun gun)


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I have always had a hard time naming inanimate objects, even boats. I keep the names they come with. My Glock 17, my 870, my GMC.


I have a North American Arms 22 short mini-revolver that my wife named 'Dinkey-Plinkey'. My Mossberg 500 in 410 is named 'Mossey'. I also have an old Jeep my family calls 'OLD FAITHFUL'. And no Im not an escapee from a mental hospital. Gotta go now there is some men at the door in shiny white coats.


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Yes, Carl, Mike, and Boaz. Carl is my primary carry gun. Why name them? When I first started carrying, my wife would periodically ask "Do you have your gun on you?" Not a good question to be asked in public. Now she pretty much doesn't care but when she does, she asks "Where's Carl?" Works very nicely.


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Hadn't thought about naming them before but I like this idea especially around the kids or in public. Any thoughts for a springfield xd40 or fn herstal 5-7?


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Yeah... Pebbles... 9mm Rock Island Arms 1911.
Walt.... Walther P99
I only name my carry guns.... As noted above, it works in public.

I am saving for Colts Government .45... Hopefully it will earn the name Bam-Bam. lol


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I named my 45 auto, after a dog I once had. He was ugly but very good at what he did! (Fargus.)


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No I don't name my guns, but 15 years ago my brother had a dog that he named Shotgun. Well I had the dog with me and pulled into a convenience store. It was summer and the windows were down. I had gust walked in the store when I saw the dog go past the glass doors looking for me. I didn't want her to get hit by a car so I opened the door a yelled "Shotgun here". Well every head in the store snapped around to see what was going on.

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