Do you inform the Payday Lender that you are carrying?

When taking out a Payday Loan, do you inform the lender that you are carrying?

  • Yes, I inform the lender for "payday lending officer safety"

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  • Yes, I show my CCW Badge when taking out the loan.

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  • No, Concealed means concealed.

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  • Other, please explain below.

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Here is a good question for discussion. When taking out a Payday Loan, do you inform the lender that you are carrying?


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Depends probably what state you are in. Does the business have a sign indicating carry is not allowed? Do those signs carry the weight of law?


But what about officer safety considerations?
You're kidding, right! The only safety consideration I ever worry about is my own! We do have, at least, one 'payday loan outfit' here in town; but it's mostly used by workers without bank accounts and no place else to quickly convert their company paychecks into cash.

I have never used a 'payday loan' in my life. Even when I was a teenager I had a driver's license, a social security card, a bank account, a permanent address, and a number of rich relatives who ran several popular local businesses. Never a problem!

The magic secret to avoiding payday loans is to never spend more than you have. Quite honestly I think the additional 10 to 12 percent 'bites' these check cashing services charge are a clear violation of the scriptural admonitions against worker exploitation and monetary usury. (You know, "Do unto others as you would have others do unto you!") ;)

One of the women who raised me thought so too. She was a wealthy woman (a nationally famous church organist and pianist); and, throughout her long life, she loaned money out to both family, and other church members who occasionally needed help, and she never charged so much as 'one red cent' in interest. (She was a devout Christian fundamentalist who appreciated what she had, and knew how to use her brain as well—rare qualities, indeed, today!)

My Aunt Ethel was just an all-around amazing woman; and, quite possibly, where I got my own personal and business ethics from. She used to play the organ at Riverside Church in NYC. You should have heard the organ at Easter and Christmas time. That uplifting spiritual music could bring tears to your eyes!

But I wax nostalgic! I'll add one last important consideration: The first person's safety you have to worry about is always your own. If you forget this all-important fact then someone else's mistake just might end up getting you badly injured, or worse! When it comes to personal security, you should never offer the other guy any information that he doesn't really need. Why? Because he might, very well, end up misusing it. THAT is why!

(Have you ever seen the look on a cop's face when his partner calls out, "Gun!" Hint: If this ever happens, you do NOT want to be the one wearing that gun!) 😁


SFC At Fort Lewis, WA
Actually who cares? Why would you cross the threshold of one of these rip off joints?
Gee can I borrow $50 and pay you $200 in two weeks?


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Who really GAF If you are carrying and why do you keep asking? I am new here and see this crap in numerous posts throughout this forum and my question is what the point is.


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And I can imagine you in your tacticool 1000 pocket vest, gunbelt, pants and Oakley shades throwing shade on all us untactical peons. BTW I don't gaf about being tactical.


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It also sounds like you have a very "tactical" fetish on being tactical. Which means you probably are not "tactical" at all.


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WTF? And you are financial guru too? You appear to be a troll and I will no longer respond in your bullshit threads. CYA.


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Here is a good question for discussion. When taking out a Payday Loan, do you inform the lender that you are carrying?
Don’t get payday loans then no problem
Why don’t you just inform everyone you interact with that you are caring
It seems to bother you

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