Do you inform the owner of a military surplus store that you are carrying?

Do you inform the owner of a military surplus store that you are carrying?

  • Yes, I inform the owner for "military surplus officer safety".

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  • Yes, I show my CCW Badge when entering the store

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  • No, Concealed means concealed.

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  • Other, please explain below.

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I just love the depth of discussion that happens on USA Carry. And I am always glad to add my input. Now can you guys do me a favor and vote in this thread's poll question?

So, I spent the entire afternoon burning up lots and lots of 9mm ammo in my new G-19; and decided to pick up some more at the Caniglia's Army Navy Store on the way home.

There were 3 young girls behind the cash registers. The small brunette on the end looked, so help me, all beat up. While we were waiting to checkout, I'm standing there imagining what might have happened to her when I hear her say to the young fellow in front of us, 'I'm pretty bruised up and black 'n blue - especially on my arms and chest - but, I did get the gun away from him and put it underneath the counter.'

WTH! It seems this not too large little lady had recently been held up at gunpoint. I'll never know what she was thinking; but, she dove for the robber's gun and took a ferocious beating from his free fist while they struggled over the gun.

Personally, I think she was nutz. The store's money isn't worth such a risk; but unlike, either, Wal-Mart or 7-11, at least, she got to keep her job! I didn't get the whole story; but, apparently a group of store employees wrestled the guy to the ground and held him there until the police arrived.

We were in a hurry; and I (almost) walked into the place while OC'ing. (Because I OC at the range all the time.) Sure glad I didn't though. From what I understand the guys behind the counter in the gun department get real nervous whenever they see someone who's carrying; AND, now, I know the reason, 'Why'!


I did not necessarily say anyone was being put in danger. So cool your jets a little. There are people on this forum who advocate informing an officer that you are carrying for "officer safety reasons".
So troll, if he's not safe isn't he in danger? Lmao. How does me carrying make him not safe? How many times do I have to ask, troll?
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