Do you have an hour to be an Idaho 2nd Amendment patriot?


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Representative Judy Boyle said that, rather than holding a rally next Friday on February 8th, our 2nd Amendment efforts should be directed to meeting our senators and representative on each gun related issue that goes to committee hearings this week and next, before they are voted on.

If you do nothing else this year- do this - because it is your freedom to carry, your 2nd Amendment rights that are on the line. Post this on your Facebook and Email list today, call your neighborhood and friends together and become a team leader. This will not cost you more than an hour or two of your time.
This is what we need of you:

1st - Know the name of the senator and representatives in your district and what committee they serve on. If you don’t know who they are, here is a link to the district map: Link Removed

2nd - We will notify everyone via Facebook, Forum and Email when gun legislation comes out of committee and its subject; then we will provide you with talking points in support of the bill. I doubt that there will be any anti-gun legislation but, we will notify you.

3rd - Call your senator and ask for a 15 minute appointment at their earliest convenience to discuss the issue on which you will have the talking points. If possible, invite them out for lunch or dinner and bring your team with you (team is explained next). Do the same with each of your 2 representatives or arrange a joint meeting with them all. You should dress either sharp casual or in a suit because your dress reflects your respect for them and the issue.
4th - We will be setting up team leaders and assistant leaders for every district. The team leaders will be responsible for arranging the meetings and disseminating the talking points to their team.

5th - When the bills are printed and hearings scheduled, it is most important that as many of us as possible shows up at the hearings and (with your provided talking points) speak on the issue before the committee. We will provide you with the do’s and don’ts of testifying before a committee.
We cannot stress enough how important each of you is in getting this done. Our legislators are listening for YOUR voice, so make sure it gets heard.

If you do not live within driving distance of Boise, after you receive the legislation text and talking points from us, please call you district senator and 2 representatives.

Please answer these questions and send to [email protected] ASAP.

You name, email address & phone:

Will you be a team leader or asst. leader?

If not, will you participate in a team?

What district # do you live in? Link Removed (click on your county and then the district #)

What is the name of your district’s senator?

What are the names of your district’s two representatives?

Thank you for being faithful patriot. We will win with your participation.
Tony Snesko
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[email protected]

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