Do You Carry Every Day?

FYI this lady thought she did not need to take her gun in to eat lunch. It is something she will regret the rest of her life. The only plus side is because of her and her work here in Texas after the massacre we now have the right to carry and protect ourselves. I do not intend to live my life regretting that my lack of preparation, i.e. carrying, allowed my family to be murdered. Better to have it and not need it than need it and not have it.

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There is a time and place for everything in life, and I've found my level of comfort.

God forbid it were ever to happen, but I'd like to see if you would still have that attitude if you were the victim of a crime at a time or place where things like that "just don't happen." I can guarantee you'd start open carrying (if you did not have your CCW permit) immediately. It's amazing the effect that crime can have on one's outlook on things.

I too speak from experience. In January of 2000 I was the victim of an armed mugging, and in 2004, my home was broken into while I was there. Not saying that packing heat would have prevented either crime, but these events opened my eyes to the reality that the world in which we live is a dangerous place, and law abiding citizens need to take every precaution necessary to protect themselves. Today, if someone were to break into my home while I'm there, I would fill his guts with lead instead of hiding in the attic and waiting for him to go away.

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