Do you carry 24/7?

How often do you carry?

  • Everyday and everywhere I can legally

    Votes: 45 61.6%
  • Same as above except at work

    Votes: 23 31.5%
  • I only carry on certain occasions

    Votes: 4 5.5%
  • I only carry in my cary

    Votes: 1 1.4%
  • I do not carry concealed

    Votes: 0 0.0%

  • Total voters
Carry every day

I am retired, and live in an apartment.. I carry everyday, even when I walk the dogs.. There was a shooting here about 6 mounts ago, it was a gang related......... So I am packing from the time I get up till I go to bed, then its on the night stand beside my bed...........

To the person that does not carry in church ,google church shooting. Not getting on you I went throught it to. Would rather be tried by 12 than carried by 6.
......I do not play quick draw in the mirror or play Mall Ninja on the road or in a store with a stupid badge.

I keep to myself, avoid trouble and follow most of the rules.

I am armed for SELF-ish reasons and I am real good at keeping a secret.

I find that a quick-draw at a full, or at least half-length mirror is a great practice. I can't practice drawing at the range, so I unload, throw in a snap cap, and draw - double tap - holster, repeat....until my heart's content. To me, the target (me in the mirror), is better practice than just firing at a sillhouette. The "perp" is about 3-5 feet from you, and it gives you something tangible and with depth at which to aim. Since I'm looking at myself in the mirror, I'm also able to critique myself. Plus, it's fun.
A friend I went through the CCW class with doesn't carry on a regular basis and I can never understand why. He said he just doesn't want to carry a gun around on him all day. I've tried talking some sense into him but its a waste of time. To each his own I guess.
What's the use of having a CCW if you aren't going to carry...religiously. I don't expect any trouble sitting here at my computer with all of the doors locked, but that doesn't stop my from wearing any way.

I carry every where that it is legal. I am fortunate, I get to carry at work the owner and his two sons have permits.

Be safe and shoot straight.
24/7 would mean also when your asleep, so no. :p

Well I would think having a firearm bed-side would be considered carrying while you sleep, would it not? Anyway I don't go anywhere w/o it. If it's not on my body while at home, it's easily accessible. About the only place I USED to consistently go w/o a sidearm was my g/f's grandparent's house, after they asked me not to. I let them have their way for a rather short period of time, but I'll be damned if the one time I need it I'm gonna be stuck in that smelly old house unarmed. :) What they don't know can't hurt them, after all lol.
I have carryed daily for about 2 years now. Got so used to it, then had to take a business trip to Las Vegas....had to leave the pistol at home. Took me several days to get used to not having it on me.
Why did you have to leave it at home? As far as I knew carrying (openly, anyway) was perfectly legal in Nevada..
...I am not Rambo, John Wayne or Clint Eastwood. I do not play quick draw in the mirror...
Are you implying that you don't practice drawing at all? I hope not. If you don't practice drawing until it's second nature, you're liable to shoot yourself and everyone else but the intended target when you try to draw under stress. I practice my trumpet in front of a mirror, I practice speaking in front of a mirror, and I practice drawing in front of a mirror. Heck, I've practiced throwing darts in front of a mirror (gotta be careful not to hit said mirror, lol). Practicing in front of a mirror helps more than your ego, lol. It allows you to see what you're doing right and wrong, and gives you a pseudo second set of eyes.

The scariest thing I've ever seen anyone do with a gun is fumble around with a loaded one while trying to draw from a brand new holster. You NEED to practice your draw, or the risk of hurting yourself out weighs the possibility of protecting yourself.
Last night after supper I accidentally dozed off on the couch, when I woke up, emptied my pockets & went to the shower. There was my weapon with everything else that was in my pockets.
we live in a rural community,a few houses strung along a half mile.swampy woods along one side,open pasture along city government,county carry as well as rifle racks are legal.took a while to get used to this urban enviroment.even when i cook breakfast on the weekends,always have a BUG in my belt! Hey! why never know when a "varmit" may be a threat.
I carry whenever I leave the house and I either have a gun on me or within reach inside my house. I do it to protect my family.
I am getting used to carrying now as much as I can. I work in a hospital, and they have the gunbuster sign at the door. So, I tend to leave it in the car in a safe. I went to a movie w/ the mrs. the other night. I dropped her off at the front door and parked. Walking in I noticed the sign, but we were late, and it was hidden well. I felt a little "criminalish", but after looking around at how much the mall had changed since last time we were there, I kinda felt better. That will be the last time we see a movie there I informed her.

As far as the church dealie goes. here in OH, it is up to the church's discretion. But, how do you confront the pastor? " Hey pastor, I wanna know if you would mind if I carry a weapon in here?" just doesn't seem right. I really don't care to get into legal mishaps, but like the concensus states - better to have it and not need it, than to need it and not have it.

As far as businesses go, I am aware, and try to avoid them. Someone is ALWAYS eager for my greenbacks. My problem is the credit union where we have one account is anti, and we have our car loan there, so I am in a mixed state on this. I would really like to go in there, ask for my balance in a bank check and leave, explaining why they lost my business, but seeing as the loan is direst w/draw, it would create more of a hassle right now at this point in out lives. ( we are frantically trying to purchase a house before the baby is due, and I really don't have the time nor energy to put into it right now.)

That is it for the most, and my wife is being pretty good dealing w/ the new lifestyle. She is from Canada, and you all know thier thought process on all of that. Even though she was raised around a family of hunters, pistols are a different breed/mindset to her. I am breaking her in slowly, and she can now shoot well. Plus, she said she may take the course next year when the dust settles. I did have to gently remind her the other day when she walked up to me and pulled up my shirt in my uncle's auto shop and stated out loud that I was packin'. At least they are all like family, and my uncle welcomes firearms in there. { friendly ones at least ;) }

Being new to all of this, any suggestions would be appreciated in dealing w/ those issues I mentioned. As stated previously, I want to comply as much as I can, but sometimes it gets tricky. Also, the wording of the law in OH is that loaded mags are considered a loaded weapon - stoopid, eh? So, even if i take the piece off, and carry the mags, is that still considered "packing" in the eyes of the law? Those conceal a little easier though. For the most, the Desantis holster (owb,sob)I picked out is comfy, and doesn't really print, especially with a baggy shirt. Plus, w/ fall here, and winter comin, noone should make it.

Thanks for all the usefull info here. Muchas appreciated.......mot

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