Do you carry 24/7?

How often do you carry?

  • Everyday and everywhere I can legally

    Votes: 45 61.6%
  • Same as above except at work

    Votes: 23 31.5%
  • I only carry on certain occasions

    Votes: 4 5.5%
  • I only carry in my cary

    Votes: 1 1.4%
  • I do not carry concealed

    Votes: 0 0.0%

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Always packing. I was told by my boss not to carry at work, so I have a little NAA Mini Revolver .22LR (a something is better than nothing gun) to wear there. Always packing.



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i keep a pair of pants on a hook next to the 380 waits in the back pocket.pants on gun itb.a holster is a bit uncomfy when i roll over on my right side.


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Luckily I run my business so carry there is no problem. I put clothes on first and my gun second. I carry everywhere it is legal and dont go where it is not if possible. My concealed carry is a lifestyle not an extra task.



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Anytime, anywhere that I am legally allowed to, when I am outside the house. My work doesn't have anything in the handbook about concealed weapons, and no gunbusters on the doors, either.

At home, there's one within a couple of second's reach at all times.


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I carry

Yesterday I was helping a friend move and I have my Taurus PT140 strapped on in my Comp C-TAC IWB holster the whole time. I had no problem at all and we were carrying some heavy stuff down a flight of stairs. I considered taking it off but didn't since it wasn't really bothering me. I love that holster.

I know what your saying about the CTAC IWB. I carry my XD40 Tactical in a CTAC IWB "Tuckable". Love both the XD and the holster. I also carry my XD40SC, however, I carry it in the holster it came with - sorta. I contacted Springfield after I purchased the SC and requested a left hand (LH) holster. They sent me a fantastic paddle holster for the SC - free. In their catalog the holster is $35. I can carry either the SC or the Tactical in it.

When I dress in the morning, after I thread my belt through my pants loops, the paddle holster goes on and the XD goes in. Then I finish dressing for the day. The only place I do not carry is where it is prohibited. It comes off and goes on the night stand when I get ready for bed at night.

Big Bubba

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Post Subject

Iam Prohibited from carrying on the job. However if Iam not at work I have a weapon either on my person, or within arms reach at any given time.


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My employer is a Swedish company... they do understand an Americans right to bear arms in Sweden. If I could I would carry there too (at work).


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I ccw every where I go unless prohibited by law, or in establishments that have posted signs in clear view to pedestrian traffic. If a retail business posts such a sign, then I do not give them my business.

Ever notice that CCW holders are much more aware of their surroundings than your general populace? :eek:


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I don't feel like I'm fully dressed until I have my carry on! I ccw every where I go unless it's prohibited.


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I carry always, except for work. Since I work nights, I leave it in the nightstand for my wife. Always on in the house (except for sleeping) since I have four kids under the age of 8 who like to play with anything not nailed to the floor.:eek:


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When is the time I will need my firearm? Most likely the time I don't have it. I always have at least one, most of the time more. Better to have it an not need it than to need it and not have it.


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Pants On....I'm armed.

I have carryed daily for about 2 years now. Got so used to it, then had to take a business trip to Las Vegas....had to leave the pistol at home. Took me several days to get used to not having it on me.


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Tool I hope I never,,,,,,,,,,,,need

Like my old pocketknife I have a firearm with me in the event I need it. I have at the very least a 32 with one in the pipe ready.

I abide by the state laws and avoid companies and stores that think they are above the US constitution.

I am not Rambo, John Wayne or Clint Eastwood. I do not play quick draw in the mirror or play Mall Ninja on the road or in a store with a stupid badge.

I keep to myself, avoid trouble and follow most of the rules.

I am armed for SELF-ish reasons and I am real good at keeping a secret.


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Pretty much everywhere legal except work (stupid Missouri law against carrying in hospitals :mad:). But at work, you can bet I'm loaded up with pepper spray, stun gun, Boker knife, etc. :)


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Theory & Practice

Theory: Statistically speaking, the chances of my needing a firearm are very small but the possibility is VERY real. When and where will this need occur? It could be anywhere and at any time.

Practice: Therefore, I carry wherever I go. A lock-box in the car allows me to remove the gun when I must enter a "forbidden" location (government building, work, et cetera). Typically do not carry in my home but loaded firearm is always ready to hand AND under my control.

That's the thought process, anyway! I am always ready to be educated.


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