Do you carry 24/7?

How often do you carry?

  • Everyday and everywhere I can legally

    Votes: 45 61.6%
  • Same as above except at work

    Votes: 23 31.5%
  • I only carry on certain occasions

    Votes: 4 5.5%
  • I only carry in my cary

    Votes: 1 1.4%
  • I do not carry concealed

    Votes: 0 0.0%

  • Total voters
I appreciate the links you have in the reply. They are great.

Thank you,


If I am outside of the house I am carrying. If inside I have something close at hand, if not on my hip. Everywhere I go the glock goes with me. I am a student so when I go to class I must lock it in the car. Other than that I will not go where I cannot carry.

On another forum ( a member posted that when asked why he carries a gun he answers "because a cop won't fit in my holster."

I can't say it any better than that.
From IL, so the only time I get to protect myself is when I go into states that trust the common citizen.
Any time I am out the door of my home I have one, sometimes two, on me.

At home I may not have it on my person, but I have one very close at hand.
Any time I leave the house I carry. One of my jobs is at the local university, and since I don't have a car to keep my gun in while I'm there, and I also don't have a death wish, I carry despite university policy not allowing it. Yes, if I get caught I'll probably lose my job, but so? At least I'll still be alive. Also, I do not see too many no gun signs around here, but where I do see them, I ignore them because none of these places has metal detectors or anyone at the door frisking patrons.

When I'm at home I keep my gun readily accessible, accept when my girlfriend has her kids over, in which case I either keep it on my person, or, if I'm sleeping, I stuff it between the mattresses of the bed.
If it is legal I am armed. And other than having to make trips to the state capitol, I've gotten pretty good at avoiding going places that bar carrying a weapon.
I carry anywhere I legally can, including at home. The only time I am not carrying is at church. I have before, but do not make a habit of it.
Church is one place that I can't imagine nor carrying. It seems like just a matter of time before they are targeted to me.
Another for yes, 24/7 everywhere legal.

I do tho myself refer to carry 16/7, as when asleep the gun is off carry but on floor within easy reach!

I am fortunate to work from home and so in fact OC much of every day - and when out have sufficient carry garment options that year round I can still manage the same full size.

Over and above my own relative ease of full time carry, I consider it a dedication - somewhat of ''I do carry (full time) - or I don't - no half measure. I have no pre-cognitive skills and so am not likely to know in advance if anything goes down - and unlikely tho that may be, I choose to be armed at all times possible. With luck this will prove to have been unnecessary when I pop off (naturally I hope) ...... but I sure wish to cover all bases possible while still alive and kickin!
Whenever legal. I may have done so a few times when it wasn't. It isn't always easy or comfortable but I figure either you carry or you don't. If I carried half the time... well you know the half that I would need the gun.
Well to start with I didn't get my CWP just to leave my weapon home in a safe.:) I'm another that carries 24-7! At home there is always one at arms reach. Any other time you can bet that I have one somewhere on or near me.;)
Everywhere legal, for the most part. At home, it's always within reach. At work is a different story. I'm on the road all day (field service) and am in and out of financial institutions constantly. Many of them are populated with sheep, so it stays in the van. I really need a pocket snubbie!
Like others have said, I carry everywhere it's legal. At home the shotgun is next to the bed and a handgun is within arms reach always.

Only places I go where I can't carry is work and movies (State law, not the theaters choice).
What raytracer said. Just like my pocket knife. The firearm goes where I goes. It's become a habit. I pick it up when I dress.
When Kansas passed CCH in January if I leave the house it is on me, and stays on as long as it is legal to do so. I stay away from were it’s not legal if at all possible. I carry at work, at play and when I have to go shopping with the wife (you guys know what that’s like) every where.
Oh yeah... except at work. :mad: But in 2009 I'll have 35 years and I think I'm gonna pull that plug and go look for another job to support my SIG habbit! :D
I pack heat!

I carry therefore I am!
I carry two therefore I am too!

I go any place sans a metal detector. Post Office? yep, Schools, University's?
yep, airport? yep

Do I violate Florida law? yep

But in Florida it's a misdemeanor if you have a CWP, I can deal with that.

I do not recommend you violate your States Laws

Best wishes !
The other side

Since the answer seems to be 100% "constant carry, don't understand why permit holders don't", I thought I'd provide a little of the other point of view.
I'm a woman in a line of work that frequently puts me out in the middle of nowhere, alone and miles from my truck, out in the oil patch. I'm also a dedicated hiker of the type who likes to head out into the wilderness for a few days. In both of these situations, animals are more of a concern for me than bad guys (although I don't dismiss the danger presented by other people).
I'm also a law abiding citizen, so I got my CCW so that I can legally carry in these situations. I do occasionally pocket carry in other places, just to get used to it, and I practice at the range regularly.

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