Do you carry 24/7?

How often do you carry?

  • Everyday and everywhere I can legally

    Votes: 45 61.6%
  • Same as above except at work

    Votes: 23 31.5%
  • I only carry on certain occasions

    Votes: 4 5.5%
  • I only carry in my cary

    Votes: 1 1.4%
  • I do not carry concealed

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Do you always have a gun on you or just when you need one? I've made it a habit to always have a gun on me since I received my CCW. If I don't have my Taurus (swithing to the new Glock 23 when I get my permit) on me, I have my Beretta Tomcat in a pocket. If I go take the trash out which is down the block in my subdevision, I carry. If I'm just going up the street to get some fast food (which I shouldn't be anyway), I carry. How about you?

I strap my 1911 on just before I hit the door, even if I'm going out to mow. I usually have a pistol handy readibly available in my place.
Yesterday I was helping a friend move and I have my Taurus PT140 strapped on in my Comp C-TAC IWB holster the whole time. I had no problem at all and we were carrying some heavy stuff down a flight of stairs. I considered taking it off but didn't since it wasn't really bothering me. I love that holster.
Pants on ... gun on.

That's how it goes here for me.

If I am dressed then I am armed. Wether it's playing with the kids or cooking dinner. The only exception is while I am at work. We are not permitted to carry at work and I don't. It's a personal decision I have made. I will abide by my companies regulations. I am however permitted to keep a firearm in the car while on company property and I do.

I travel through the state a lot and I like to be prepared just in case the SHTF.

Luckily I am able to carry at work but if I wasn't allowed I think I would leave it in the car as well.
I carry most of the time when I go out, but when I'm rushing out the door to work, I can't carry (flight suit), so will usually just keep my gun in the car with me...if I have time to grab it in the first place, that is. When I'm out with the family, an HK USPc 9mm is my companion, IWB in a Cross-Breed Super Tuck.
I have to say I left my gun in the car yesterday when I went into a bank of all places. Its legal for me but I realized the shirt I was wearing was just a little short and I just wasn't comfortable. I would have put my Tomcat in my pokcet if I had it but I didn't.
Hey KingAir, nice to see you here!

My pistol is just part of my wardrobe so if I'm dressed, I'm packing. If I'm lounging around the house I may not be strapped, but you can bet there's some instant mayhem within arm's reach.

I've always been bemused by the attitude of "I'll just carry when I need to". If I could accurately predict when I'd need a gun, I would: A. not go there in the first place, and B. be so stinking rich from investments that I would have a Blackwater team providing 24/7 protection.

I know several CCW holders who take that tack and it makes me crazy. I mean, do you only put on your seat belt when you're going to get in a wreck? Do you only pay your insurance on months that your house is going to burn down?

Their comeback is often "Well, I'll put it on if I'm going somewhere dangerous". Besides the obvious response that danger knows boundaries, crime will happen wherever it will, I have to ask them why they are going someplace where they suspect they may get in a firefight?

Having a CCW is no excuse to engage in risky behaviour, so why on earth would you go somewhere with a gun that you wouldn't go without?

Oops. Looks like my soapbox is getting wobbly, I better get back off of it now.

A friend I went through the CCW class with doesn't carry on a regular basis and I can never understand why. He said he just doesn't want to carry a gun around on him all day. I've tried talking some sense into him but its a waste of time. To each his own I guess.
There many people who have firearms, who don't quite get the point. There are cops who don't carry unless thay are in uniform. There are soliders who go to the office or motor pool without being armed.
But I can't imagine a soldier who would go on patrol without all they can carry.
For a civilian with a CCW, everywhere you go is on patrol. You don't know in advance who the next person to enter the bank will be, who the person ahead or being you in line at the checkout will be, who the person at the next stop light will be, or what will happen.
Carry 24/7 and the worst that will happen is you'll wear some blue of the gun, develop a callous, your wife [if she knows] will think you're paranoid. [Unless she is a good wife and carries too]
In aviation, the saying goes, Better to be down here wishing you were up there, than to be up there wishing you were down there.
I usually explain that I carry for the same reason I wear a seatbelt. Never been through a windshield and don't want to test it out.
I carry 2 all of the time where legal. I can't carry where I work but the 2 are double locked in the car in a safe.
I carry 2 all of the time where legal. I can't carry where I work but the 2 are double locked in the car in a safe.

I'd like to car a safe for my car. Once of the ones that go under the seat. I'll have to see if I can fit one under there.
I carry, everywhere, all the time except as prohibited buy law, soemtimes even then. You just never know when someone wil do something really stupid. When it comes to a nut doing something "stupid" with a gun (or a knife for that matter) there is only one way to fix stupid.

Be trained, practice and be prepared to act. There will be no time to hesitate, make a decision and act. Never be stupid, never be an idiot.

Simple rules of life to preserve your life, extinction is forever.
I don't carry 24/7 on my person, though I do keep a gun in my car, which I work out of and is easily accessible from my driver's seat (it sits in a pocket on my after-market seat cover right between my legs. easier to get to than if it was IWB or my pants pocket.). According to company rules, I am not allowed to have anything on me that can be construed as a weapon, not a knife or even a 3 or 4 cell MagLight that can be used as a club, much less a loaded firearm. But the company is even less help than cops when the S suddenly and unexpectedly HTF, so I pack in my "office." I am just a paycheck away from ordering a SmartCarry holster, and when I get it, and if it works to conceal as good as it's touted to, I will start carrying my S&W .45 even on the job. I can always find another crappy job if I get caught. I do not, however, have any dispensable vital organs, nor does my lovely wife have any dispensable husbands! Mine and my wife's personal security is mine and my wife's responsibility alone. I don't count on company policy to provide for it, and I sho' 'nuff don't count on the same government enforcers that would confiscate my weapon just because some bleeding heart politician passed an unconstitutional law saying he could or must. I respect cops for the difficult job they do, and certainly wouldn't want to live in this country without them around, but it scares the heck out of me that people who swear to uphold The Constitution of The United States of America fail to do so every time they enforce a law that denies a law-abiding citizen the God-given right of self-defense. And unfortunately, that happens to one degree or another every single day in this country. I will live under the terms of the contract I have with my government even if they don't. I pack.

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I agree with what you say 24/7

It is unfortunate that some (Anti-gunners) would restrict our right to self defense. There many stores around which have "THE SIGN", no weapons allowed. This is a legal thing to do in Missouri.

What that sign says to me is "Hold us up, shoot away, there are no armed people in our store. As I'm sure you are aware, no one needs a conceal carry permit to hold up a store ot kill people for any or no reason.

The rules which prohibit our rights to self defense are, or at least should be unconstitutional, howver, they are not.

There has been federal legislation introduced (that never goes anywhere) for a Federal CCW law. This would of course override any State or Local BS laws.

Like you, I think it is short sighted for some to enforce "rules" that say you must walk around unprotected so any low life can just walk up and waste you at their whim.....

Keep packing,


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