Do all super-luminova sights suck?


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my beretta px4 sc comes with 3-dot super-luminova sights. The sights themselves are fine, but the super-luminova isn't, at least IMO. I left the gun out in a normal light setting, it was out for about an hour. I took it into another room turned off the lights and they were hardly glowing. The other day i put a flashlight to them, charged them up for about 30 seconds, they were glowing very brightly, however about 30 minutes later the sights were again glowing very dimmly. What i dont get is how can these sights be all that helpfull in a low light setting like moving through a hallway at night or a dark alley, especially if theyve been hidden by a shirt/jacket all day and not getting any light. Seems kind of like a gimmick to me.

Maybe im just being a cry-baby because im used to tritium sights on my glock. What do you guys think of super-luminova sights? anyone else have any complaints or problems with them?

I say replace them "ghetto tritium" sights with "the real thing". So far I've found the Trijicon Tritium sights the best sights I've used that work under any light condition.


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