DIY Home made IWB holsters, kydex/leather hybrid


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I would love to take credit for this idea, but I got it from walther380. Much like walther380, I do not have the means to invest $100+ on a single holster. So after reading the following thread, I decided to make my own.

Towards the end of that thread, you will see my crude first attempt. I have since upgraded from upholster leather to 6-8 oz veg-tan leather and from plastic at the hobby store to .06 Kydex. I also added 4 holes on each side to adjust the cant.

I have made a few of these and the cost (not including the start up investment in tools, wasted materials from screwing up, etc...) is around $25 each. I did have to buy some leather working tools, parts to make a vacuum box, etc... but all together it was a great idea.

I'm calling them the "Ugly" holsters. What do you think?



Looks to me like a proffesional made it. Excellent job. I need a custom for a Taurus PT92 AF. What screws me on this pistol is the stupid accessory rail. But great job!!
Is it the rail it's self, or the accessory you have on the rail?

Making one yourself like this one might be the solution.
That's a mighty respectable effort, if you ask me. Would like more details on where you got the components like the belt clips etc. I think I want to try this.
Its the rail, the PT92 is same as a berreta 92 except the safety is moved and there is a rail, I cant find a holster to fit it right other than the Don Hume i have but its just the leather one that covers the trigger guard so the gun is exposed and i dont like that aspect of it.
I had the same issue. A Supertuck holster from Crossbread would be great but spending the $100 for it was just a little out of my pricerange. So for my Glock 23 I decided to try it myself. Spent $35 on material and made my own. I have enough left over that I can make about 10 more also for anything else I would like to carry. Ot to try a few other designs for maybe lower concealment. Link Removed
Phillip, I got the clips at Tandy Leather.

Glockdude, you sound like a perfect candidate to be making your own.

Cameron, for $35 you got enough to make 10?! WOW! That's is a much better price then I am paying. Where did you get your supplies?
I bought a huge bag of leather pieces from Hobby Lobby for like $6, bought the rivets there as well in a kit with the punch and the anvil for about $6, got the snaps and punch for the snaps at Tandy leather for $11, and bought a poster sized piece of Kydex from Regal Plastics in Huston for $18 with shipping. I had to have it shipped and without buying a whole sheet there weren't a whole lot of colors The grey was the best I could get. So I guess I am down more like $41 rather than $35, but still way cheaper than buying one.
Something I also noticed about the "UGLY holster". Just one piece of constructive criticism. The Kydex that you are using looks pretty thin. The standard for making holsters and knife sheaths is .093". Just a thought in case you make more for resale. Regal plastics has a lot on their website in their clearance. just take a look. It does not give a color so you would have to call them for color availability. I do know that they do not have black on smaller pieces. That you have to order in full sheets for like $120 Your design is awesome and I do like the clips rather than the snaps. that i used.
The .093 eh? I was worried that would be too thick. For $18 shipped, I think I would be happy with any color, yep even pink. :-)

Thanks a ton for the info, I really appreciate it. As for the criticism, keep it coming!!! Criticism leads to improvements.

As for selling them, I have posted a couple on a few of my regular forums, and even sold a couple. If I was going to make a side thing of this, I would want to make them cheaper so I can sell them cheaper. My idea was to offer a holster that I could afford to buy, and I am dirt poor. If I charge $45 shipped for the holster, it breakes down to $25 to make it, $5 to ship it, and that leaves $10 for my time spent. I think that as a customer, I'd just buy one from ebay for the same price. I'd love to be able to sell them for $30 shipped and make a couple bucks. "The poor man's alternative" to the high end holsters. I would certainly love to get a well advertised high end holster... but it's not in the budget. I am guessing there are a thousand guys out there that feel the same way.
Nice job, your holster looks as good as any holster you would buy at a store. On another gun forum that i go to there is a guy that also makes and sells holsters similar to a crossbreed supertuck but his own design, he sells them for about $47.00 dollars. So if you make and sell your holsters for $45.00 dollars thats a great price.
Have you ever worn a belt that in one notch it was too loose and in the other notch it was too tight? That's how I felt with the cant positions on my holster. One position was a little too low and my jeans would get caught up when reholstering. The other position was too high and I would print too much. So I added a couple more holes to my cant option and took the holster from 16 positions to 49 position. WOW, what a difference! This allowed me to fine tune the position perfectly!


I watched these two videos and made my holster almost to the tee of how they made theirs.
I made my vacuum box out of an office trash can, a piece of pegboard, my shop vac, some glue, and silver duct tape. I had a piece of foam rubber that i used to press it in.
Check out the videos, they may help.
Of course I made mine way smaller than these guys did. I think they may have went a little overboard on the holster that goes all the way across your back..
Great looking holster. I would love to give my hand at making my own, just have to find the material locally or online.
Thanks for sharing!
Old Faithful holster sells kits with all the materials and instructions to make these, I believe for about $20. They even have a step by step video you can watch online. Check them out, .

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