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I just received an email from a clerk, and this was what their email read:

"We are currently processing applications received in our office on February 27, 2009. We have a total of 43,080 applications to be processed."

I thought some people would find that useful. I know my packet was received Feb, 20th, so, they should have processed mine. Who knows how long it takes after processing for them to actually send out your license.


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I sent in my application for my N H non resident Licenses on 2-23-09 and it finally came today 6-11-09.:biggrin:


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Okay now I'm annoyed, I live here, and I sent my application in Feb 20th, and they haven't sent me anything.

I'm calling tomorrow, and speaking to a supervisor. They can't give me garbage about the FBI, as the FBI has a very good file on me due to what I do for a living. It should be a quick check in the system and that's it, no waiting. They already have my prints, sending them in for this license was redundant.


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the recieved mine feb 20 told me 5 days ago was" complete" june 1 fbi was reviewing prints:wacko: ten days later still no word:mad::wacko::mad::cray:

I recieved on July 3 finally HAPPY 4TH EVERY BODY


My goodness... I feel sorry for all of you. That kind of wait is crazy! I had mine renewed approx 6 months ago. It took less than 2 weeks!


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They're really backed up in Ohio. Several weeks ago I applied for my renewal. The OIC told me to call back in a week. I couldn't wait and called him after only 4 days...and lo and behold...it was ready to be picked up.; application to pickup--4 days.

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Just wanted to give everyone a heads-up. My wife is a Naturalized Citizen born in Canada. We recently received a request for additional supporting documentation. We did not see it on the application, but they required her to submit a copy of her US passport as proof of citizenship.

If you are not US born, you might want to put a copy of your passport in with your application.

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