Disappointing and Fuel for the Anti's


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DAMN - both incidents are in Memphis and both involve TN permit holders as shooters:

First One on Feb 8th.

Man Charged Over Parking Space Shooting
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Article: Link Removed

Second on on Feb 23rd:

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Clinging to God and guns
You know... there are actually some law abiding folks out there with permits that don't have any business having a gun!:mad: If you have a temper and especially a short temper, you may want to reconsider carrying a firearm on your person or in your car. Cool heads always prevail and a** holes are a dime a dozen. You need to let it roll off and go about your business. If you can't let verbal insults go and you are pugnacious,... then don't carry a firearm! The people that have these issues know who they are....

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I agree with you Glockster. I fear with as many people buying firearms and getting their permits we might see more of these kind of incidents. Like the title says. More fuel for the anti's to fuel their fire.


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This illustrates why the core of our argument must be the natural right argument. Man has the natural right to do stupid things. Even things that endanger others. We can impose consequences easily on those doers of stupid things.

But, we can't restrict the freedom to do stupid things without creating more harm than good.


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I agree as do several others here (I think). However, the problem will lie in the ability to articulate this postion to the mass population in the face of the generally anti-supporting media presentations which bludgeon us with editorialized stories rather than facts. Ex. Man killed over parking space vs. Man killed when he hits wife of other man. I have two different reactions to those headlines depending on which is actually true.

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