disabled instuctors for people that are disabled to teach conceal carry or just 1 on

David Manuel

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are there andy instuctors out here that live in minnesota close to the twin cities the teach conceal carry or do 1 on 1


Precision Plus Firearms
Private Classes
Our Private Permit to Carry Classes is perfect for Individuals, Families, Companies, or groups of friends wanting to get the training necessary to receive a Minnesota Permit to Carry. Get 8 people together and the your class is free. Different options available. We serve all of Minnesota, Western Wisconsin and Northern Iowa.
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Our mission at Precision Plus Firearms Training is to provide top quality training in the safe storage, handling, situational awareness, conflict avoidance, gear selection, interaction with law enforcement, aftermath of violent encounters, and justifiable use of force for the beginner to the advanced shooter.

Our courses exceed the required training curriculum for Minnesota, Florida, Iowa, Idaho, Maine, Michigan, Mississippi, Ohio, Arizona and Wisconsin. And soon Illinois and Utah. Graduates of our classes can carry in up to 44 different states with the different non-resident permits. Training is conducted by recognized firearms instructors Certified by the NRA, MN BCA, MN Dept of Safety and the United States Concealed Carry Association.

Our Permit to Carry courses are designed to provide the applicant an opportunity to do more than just meet the minimum requirements of the Law. Upon completion of the courses, the applicant will have been made familiar with firearms, their function and their use; made aware of the legal, moral, and psychological aspects of the use of deadly force; been instructed in firearms safety rules and safety considerations. In addition, applicants will have received hands-on firearms training and passed a shooting qualification course on the firing range. Emphasis is on the safe handling of firearms at all times, the proper use of firearms for self-defense and the defense of others, and the lawful application of deadly force.
We currently offer Permit to Carry Classes in Rochester, Dodge Center, Kasson, Kenyon, Outing, Winona, Owatonna and New Richland.

What Will You Get From Our Permit to Carry Class?
*5 Years of Support (Email or Phone Support Anytime)
*When you take my class you leave with many handouts with important information, including maps of the states that honor a MN Permit To Carry, MN Self-Defense Laws, Use of Force.
*Free Concealed Carry Magazine
*What Every Gun Owner Needs to Know About Self-Defense Law Booklet
*Casual and Upbeat Class
*FL Non-Resident Application Packet
*An Instructor with a #1 goal of making sure you are comfortable and confident in carrying a firearm for self-protection
*Satisfaction Guaranteed
*Access to "After Class Support" Page with videos and additional information to share with your family.

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Disabled people have a greater need for firearms training, IMHO.

Or to put it another way, if you try to mug a guy in a wheelchair, you deserve to get shot, IMHO. (Which has happened in my home state of SC, BTW.)

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